ugh rain is such a bore

Stormy weather

So, if you’ve been outside in the past week (and if you haven’t, Bwog salutes you) you’ve probably noticed that the weather has taken a turn for the dismal. Every day brings a fresh struggle over which accessories to wear – umbrella, sweater, rain boots, sunglasses, mink stole… The soul grows fatigued. Tonight however, shitty October weather will prove itself good for something other than making your hair frizz out to the size of a small dog. Bwog has harnessed the power of precipitation so that you and your friends can responsibly enjoy a rainy night of drinking.


  • A plentiful quantity of your favourite mixed drink, clear glasses, a ruler, and a deck of cards
  • Access to a source of data on average rainfalls in cities (
  • A handy bathroom, because when played right this game involves lots of drinking

The Rules:

  1. Draw a card.
  2. Pour the corresponding inches of drink into your glass.
  3. Drink it.

The Key:

2 and 4 – Drink the average inches of rainfall for October for your hometown.

3 and 6 – Drink the average inches of rainfall for October for the hometown of the person across from you.

5 – Welcome to the coniferous forest. Drink 1.2 inches.

7 – Trapped in the desert! Do not drink.

8 – Enjoy your visit to the shrubland. Drink 1 inch.

9 – Brrr, the tundra. Drink .4 inches.

Jack  – You have been saved by a kindly umbrella. No need to drink. Unless you want to.

Queen – Marine environment. Everybody else drinks.

King – Drink the average inches of rainfall in October for the biome of your favorite Planet Earth episode.