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Where Art Thou?

“You were born with wings; why prefer to crawl through life?”

In Where Art Thou? Bwog and the Brilliantly Buttoned Alex Katz bring you some of the best music, dance, theatre, and cultural happenings in the area. If you’d like your event featured, tell us at


  • Nuclear Love Affair at Here at 7 pm. A dark and provocative pop culture spectacle set against a multimedia backdrop of war and persecution, this vision of a world gone wrong is both harsh and hysterical. Ends Saturday. $10 with CUID.


  • Tennis in Nablus: Staged Play Reading in Miller Theatre at 6:30 pm. Written by playwright and poet Ismail Khalidi, this tragipoliticomedy was nominated for a Suzi Bass Award for Best New Play and awarded the Quest for Peace Award from the Kennedy Center. Free. RSVP.


  • Rumi Night of Poetry in Lerner Party Space at 7:30 pm. Join Amir Vahab and his ensemble for a night of dramatic and musical poetry by Maulan Jalauddin Rumi, $5 CUID. $15 Non-CUID.
  • AXO Divas for DVAS Performance Showcase in Roone at 7:30 pm. The Culmination of AXO’s Domestic Violence Awareness Week, the night will include many performance groups’ interpretations on the theme of domestic violence. $3 CUID.


  • Christian McBride and Inside Straight in Miller Theatre at 8 pm. A night of high energy and staggering versatility, McBride and the quintet Inside Straight guarantee a performance that NPR calls “straight-ahead, hard-swinging jazz.” $7 CUID. $25 Non-CUID.


  • Conversations with Martha Clarke: On Adaptation in Faculty House at 6:30 pm. Clarke talks with writers and past collaborators, Chuck Mee (Theatre Arts Faculty) and Frank Pugliese (Theatre and Film Program Adjunct Faculty), on their processes of developing text to the stage. Free with RSVP.

A taste of Rumi via Wikimedia Commons

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