Hopefully we’ll still have Parks and Rec when we all live out here

Many of our dearest aquatic friends  had a close brush with death after Hurricane Sandy cheekily flooded the New York Aquarium. (NYT)

Don’t worry, if our home ever floods, we’ll have an escape plan. Scientists have found the “earthiest new planet yet”. Soon we’ll all be living in out there… (TIME)

As you wait for the new Bond movie, Skyfall, to come out tomorrow, check out this photo gallery of the most glam hotels Bond has ever stayed or killed people in. (Huffington Post)

If you’ve ever horribly embarrassed yourself singing along to ‘Gangnam Style’ even though you don’t speak more than two words of Korean, you’ll be interested in why the world needs more non-English mega-hits. (Slate)

Newly re-elected Vice President Joe Biden continues to be amazing, this time by guest-starring in next week’s episode of NBC’s ‘Parks and Recreation’. (EW)

Our gorgeous universe via Wikimedia Commons