Home away from home

We know you’re frustrated that you have work to do while some people get to relax, but don’t get too angry on your schoolward journeys, or you might get arrested. (Buzzfeed, Gothamist)

Getting back into the swing of things is going to be Misérable but hey, at least some people in the cinema world are happy. (Youtube, Huffington Post)

Ever wonder what that device they use to measure your feet in shoe stores is called? That’s the stuff they don’t teach you in school, kids. (Buzzfeed)

While we’re learning in our classes, our technology is learning as well. Researchers are improving  the speed and accuracy of the deep-learning technology that gives us Siri. (Gawker, Nytimes)

 Distance makes the heart grow fonder, and the mind more stressed thinking about all the work that has yet to be done via Wikimedia Commons