What to do after failing your midterm

General David Petraeus has joined the ranks of Elliot Spitzer and John Edwards by having an affair with his biographer. “Having showed extremely poor judgment,” he threw in the towel and resigned from the position of Director of the CIA. (Reuters)

Philip Roth, the legendary Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award novelist, decided to quit writing after publishing Nemesis in 2010. Having reread his own books, he decided writing another “mediocre book” would be pointless. Bwog respectfully disagrees. (Huff Post)

Polish up your resumes, Columbians. Lockheed’s incoming CEO, Christopher Kubasik, reneged the acceptance of his promotion and resigned after the company uncovered his affair with an subordinate. The company plans to groom its VP of Electronic Systems as the replacement. Perhaps your resume can outshine hers. (Business Week)

Justin Beiber might want look over the lyrics to “Baby” one more time. His relationship with Selena Gomez is no more, citing “distance and their busy schedules” as the reason. Bwog wonders how long before he woos another one. (Fox News)

Remember, guys and gals, some things just can’t be explained.

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