Where is this road taking us?

Violence between Israelis and Palestinians continues. Both sides are attacking one another and claiming casualties while a diplomatic solution is sought and risk of an Israeli invasion intensifies. (CNN)

Google Fiber, the nationwide broadband service Google has just begun rolling out in Kansas City, may actually raise the United States’ current position as 24th fastest Internet in the world. Less likely: will it get to everyone in Butler? (TechonlogyReview)

Scientists have discovered “olfactory white,” which is the nasal equivalent of white noise. The more certain substances are in a mixture, the closer the smell is to “white,” which could be very useful in fighting smells in bathrooms, trash, and John Jay food. (MSNBC)

Nintendo’s new gaming console, the Wii U, was released on Sunday to huge crowds and rampant criticism. The game’s new controller, which features a touchscreen and even more motion sensors, looks even sillier than the last edition’s. (DailyTech)

Metaphorical road via Shutterstock