Don’t look so worried—it’s almost Thanksgiving!

Just like much of Columbia’s population, Bwog will be starting its Thanksgiving break a day early. Some people/things, however, aren’t so lucky.

NASA’s Curiosity won’t stop for a little bit of turkey and stuffing; he’s “found something,” but the space agency has yet to reveal what exactly is “one for the history books.” (Gizmodo)

Nudists in San Francisco have been forced to take a break—from their cause for public nudity. Don’t think that they’ll give up and zip up their pants so easily, however. (CNN, WPTV)

Across the pond, supporters for women bishops in the Church of England have also lost their cause for now. (BBC)

Orangutans and chimps might never have to take CC or University Writing, but a study suggests that they can’t skip out on midlife crises too. (Guardian)

Bonobo via Shutterstock