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Get Your Tickets for the Columbia Media Conference

This coming Saturday, The SpectatorThe Blue & White, and the InterPublications Association are teaming up to bring you the first Columbia Media Conference. The Conference is a day-long (from about noon until 5pm) series of panels focusing on the media industry, and will feature over 20 speakers from both the business and content sides of the industry.

Paul Steiger, of ProPublica, and Jeffrey Klein, of Mother Jones, have signed on as keynote speakers, and you’ll hear from Jon Steinberg (of BuzzFeed), Brian Stelter (from the NYTimes), Gabriel Synder (Gawker and the Atlantic Wire), and many more throughout the day. For the full list of speakers and the event’s schedule, check out the website here.

If you’re already convinced, you can get tickets at the TIC or online. It’s only $5 for CUID holders, but you can buy Premium tickets for $25, which give you priority seating, and VIP tickets for $45, which give you the chance to mingle with the panelists over a brief lunch (#networking).

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  • intrigued scump says:

    @intrigued scump registered. do i gotta dress up nice for this shit?

  • Brian Stelter says:

    @Brian Stelter Used to have a really, really, really, really, really, really, really hot girlfriend.

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