No possum sightings yet

After receiving the intriguing news from  AHinks that “an independent feature film will be shooting scenes on the Barnard campus,” Bwog has been furiously searching for more info. Although Barnard could only tell us that  “the story is female-driven, and the director and cast are highly regarded,” Bwog managed to scrape together a few clues into a quite convincing theory:

a.) A tipster heard speculation that Noah Baumbach is filming in the Barnard English dept:

There were notices that an “independent film” was going to be shooting or checking the place out or something. A friend was in the office when the director came in and introduced himself as Noah and she said “shit he looks familiar.”

b.) Noah Baumbach’s most recent movie starred and was co-written by Greta Gerwig, who went to Barnard. According to the internet, the two are also dating.

c.) There are two youngish guys with lanyards with blue tags on them running around the Barnard tunnels and campus.

d.) There is a ton of film equipment/props on the fourth floor of Barnard Hall.

e.) One tipster spotted a ziploc bag with “Sam Levy” written on it next to the film equipment. Sam Levy is a cinematographer, whose most recent project, Frances Ha, was directed by Noah Baumbach and starred Greta Gerwig.

Clearly, Noah Baumbach, Sam Levy, and possibly Greta Gerwig are setting their next movie in the Barnard English Department.

Pretty air-tight, huh? Any clues we missed?

Possum-Noah Baumbach via Wikimedia Commons