Even the Barnard statue is rushing off to Thanksgiving with a turkey leg.

Last night, as per usual, SGA’s Rep Council met in the Diana Café amid leftover muffins and pumpkin bread. Despite a slightly decreased attendance due to impending festivities, quorum was reached and things happened. Bwog’s Pumpkin-Bread and Rep Council Enthusiast Renée Kraiem reports from Monday’s meeting.

Last night’s meeting began, sans administrative guest, with a presentation by Barnard’s Honor Board co-chairs. Celebrating its centennial this year (who knew?), you should be proud, apparently, that following its adoption in 1912 Barnard is the only undergraduate school at Columbia with such a code. Co-chairs reported that, contrary to popular opinion, hearing violations of the code “doesn’t take up the majority of [the board’s] time.” Instead, this year the committee focused on “overhaul[ing] the honor system,” meaning the implementation of the code itself. “Most of” the work done to the code this semester was, apparently, “clarification” intended to make it “more of an accessible document. Fear of the code [is] not something we want,” insisted one co-chair; the committee’s goal this semester, they reported, was to increase awareness on campus. And there you have the newly honorable bulletin boards in the tunnels.

Honorable the Barnard campus may be, but as environmentally efficient it is not, according to Rep for Campus Policy Deborah Robertson. Robertson reported on the proposal that she submitted on behalf of the Sustainable Initiatives Consulting Board to request funding from SGA’s Capital Fund for a trial purchase of hand-dryers for Barnard’s campus. Barnard’s getting the “accelerating” hand dryers, so, don’t worry, we’re getting the good stuff.

We’re getting more good stuff in the Diana, too, apparently. According to the committee that exists, according to SGA President JungHee Hyun, to address “all things Diana,” columns that are more conducive to posting, like the one that appeared recently on LL1, and outlets that are more conducive to actually charging electronics, have been ordered.

On the subject of taking care of business that probably shouldn’t have been handled that way in the first place, through a collaboration with current Barnard transfer students, Rep for Community Development Winn Periyasamy announced the introduction of a pilot program this spring to pair incoming transfer students with student ambassadors. The application (only available to gbear users) is currently live, and apparently this program might be the only one of its kind, so go out, transfers, and make (honorable) history.

The Student Curatorial Committee, chaired by Junior Rep to the Board of Trustees Ayelet Pearl, is planning to make its own type of history this semester as well. Modeled on this, “Faces of Barnard” is another pilot program set to launch this semester developed by Pearl in collaboration with Representative for Diversity Mia Cooper and VP for Communications Malvina Kefalas; with a goal of posting one or two faces a day to their (impending) Facebook page and one weekly profile of a featured individual, the site is set to launch this weekend. Look for them on the screens in Barnard Hall and the Diana Center.

Now, go celebrate your (maybe?) own history so you can come back here next week and make some more; SGA certainly will be.