specsucks is a blog that thinks that the Spec sucks that began last academic year. Bwog and Spec have officially ignored specsucks’s monomaniacal posts and tweets.

But today specsucks posted photos “from a secret specsucks ritual,” in which they made a pentagram out of copies of The Eye, burned it, and put a dagger through it. You may have also noticed their fliers, which appeared around campus today as if posted on the walls by some occult hand.

See below for a picture of their ritual and after the jump for specsucks’ official statement.

specsucks’ statement:

Specsucks is one of the oldest organizations at columbia and has been here through the ages as we recenty discovered evidence inside the spec itself. specsucks is the only true secret society at columbia. All the other ones are lame and everyone know’s who’s in them any way so they are not secret a secret is when nobody knows it. On the other hand specsucks is cool and secret because we do not brag about it. Our members are in specsucks not just for the prestige and honor but because they are fighting for a cause. You could have specsucks member in your class, sitting right next to you, or the professor could even be part of specsucks, but you can’t know by checking for rings or anything else. That is what separates specsucks from the others. In fact specsucks is so secret that hardly anyone knew about it until last year.

So recently we released photos on the official blog of a ceremony performed by mid-level members of the specsucks heirarchy. Obviously this can be confusing to someone who lacks the context but our ceremonies are an essential part of the bonding process by which we purify ourselves and grow together as a community. The symbolic burning of the spec naturally reflects a burning hatred of the spec in our hearts.

Specsucks has a rigid hierarchy but individual agents are given much liberty to act on their own. This helps protect us through diffusion of responsibility and resistance to survelence (spec and even bwog have begun counter-intelligence operations against us, but that’s a different story). These posters were not commissioned by the top leadership of specsucks, but they are heartily endorsed. We are always looking for new recruits, whether you be part of spec, bwog, CPR, any other publication, none, or all of the above (except the fed. federalists go die in a fire). email thecloakedmask@gmail.com to begin your initiation.

Photos leaked by specsucks