1. Epic Videoing Skills Are Epic, nice work!


    orgo night is actually funny this semester.

  3. Dates  

    Um. The 13th is Thursday...

  4. Anonymous  

    So, "Gaza Strip" posters. Funny or offensive?

  5. hey

    Orgo night is Thursday!

  6. anon  

    I look forward to shitting in a bucket in my closet.

    ...Also, I'm pretty sure the 13th is Thursday.

  7. Anonymous  

    yeah. Orgo night IS thursday. 11:59pm. Thursday. 13.

  8. ugh

    no one in this school is funny

  9. Anonymous  

    Orgo night needs to be cancelled. What an insensitive group of individuals.

  10. That's so tragic...  

    I'm sorry your sense of humor is so particular that you can't find a single person here who makes you laugh. Yours is a sad life. :(

  11. wait  

    Is that a koran in the background?

  12. Anonymooose  

    Dude you have no Quran.

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