Potentially what campus looks like over break. Bwog doesn’t know

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to stay on campus over winter break? You may be like Bwog and predict a mental breakdown would ensue if you had to see Butler one more time after your last exam, let alone repeatedly for weeks. But a winter break in Morningside Heights is the reality for many athletes who have games between finals and the start of next semester. Bwog got a chance to sit down with senior basketball stars Brian Barbour of the Men’s team and Tyler Simpson of the Women’s team to find out what exactly goes on around here when the rest of us are sipping eggnog in post-finals bliss. 

Bwog: Most of us get out of here pretty quickly after finals are over, but you guys stick around for practices and games. What’s it like to watch everyone pack up and leave for the holidays while you sit tight? Is it a little depressing? Or does it give you some time to unwind and steer clear of Butler?
Brian: Being here with no one on campus can actually be a little relaxing. You and a couple of other teams are really the only ones around, which gives you a little peace and quiet. Of course, the campus is a lot more fun with everyone around but sometimes it’s nice to have a little rest and relaxation.
Tyler: It’s actually pretty relaxing to stay here when everyone leaves. We have the campus all to ourselves and have no homework or tests to worry about. We get to go home for a couple days so I’ll get to see my family, which is really nice. We also get a chance to make noise and have fun as a team.
Bwog: If you’re not traveling for a game, what’s a typical day like over break? How do you spend your time off the court?

Brian Barbour CC’13

Brian: Typical non-travel day includes waking up for a little breakfast and some free time before practice. Practice is usually around mid day for us and then over break we try to get adventurous and branch out to new restaurants around the city and get out of the Columbia bubble.

Tyler: I wake up around 10 to go grab some breakfast. We usually head to practice around 1 and then I work in the athletic office until 5. After that I might go shopping downtown or catch a movies with my teammates or some of my other friends that live in NYC.
Bwog: The dining halls are closed! No Ferris! No John Jay! What do you do for food every day?
Brian: Actually not eating the dinning halls over break is one of the better parts. Just getting a break from the similar food everyday is great. Sometimes we will have a guy cook up a little something for the team but mostly we just eat out.
Tyler: Chipotle. Chipotle. Chipotle. We get meal money everyday so I eat Chipotle at least 4 times a week. When I’m not eating Chipotle, I cook in our suite. Sometimes we combine our money and make a big feast.
Bwog: We imagine you spend quite a bit a time with your teammates over break. What sorts of things do you guys do together? Any special events/outings/adventures?

Tyler Simpson CC’13

Brian: A lot of the guys go out to restaurants and stuff. Generally, we keep it pretty casual and low key so we don’t do anything too adventurous or crazy. Exploring the city is always a freshman favorite, though, as they are still learning the ropes of the city.

Tyler: Usually if we stay in NYC we’ll go to a Broadway show. My freshman year they took us to see The Lion King, which was really exciting since I was dying to go. Hopefully, this year we get a chance to do something fun in LA.

Bwog: Do a lot of families come to visit? If so, where do you take them?
Brian: Families always seem to love to visit over the winter break! Being in NYC is a huge draw and no one wants to turn down a trip to come out. Usually you take them out to eat, maybe a play or something touristy, and just try to show them as much of NYC as you can in your free time.
Tyler: I usually take my family around Harlem and Time square. When my friends come to stay with me, we’ll usually explore the Lower East Side and SoHo to do some light shopping.

Bwog: It looks like the Men’s team is going to be here for New Year’s Eve. How do you celebrate the holiday (without the champagne, we’re assuming)?

Brian: New Years Eve usually is just a low key event with some of the guys. Usually we have practice the next day early so it ends up just being a low key night with the fellas.

Tyler: We’re actually going to be in LA for New Years and apparently we’re doing something as a team but it’s a big surprise.