Filling the void left by Dirks

…in the form of election to a search committee for the next Exec VP for Arts and Sciences aaaand Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences!  The fifteen-member committee, chaired by Robert “Bob” Jervis was (about) half chosen by the Policy and Planning Committee of the Arts and Sciences.  A majority of members are professors, with some alumni and one CC student–Daphne Chen, CC’14 and CCSC VP of Finance.  Also on the committee is Terry Plank, genius and GSAS Convocation speaker.  They will be picking the replacement for Nicholas Dirks (hope Cali sun is treatin’ ya well!) “by the close of the current academic year.”

Dear faculty, colleagues, and students of the Arts and Sciences:

I am pleased to announce the members of the search committee for the next Executive Vice President for Arts and Sciences and Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Of the fifteen committee members, eight were selected by the Policy and Planning Committee of the Arts and Sciences. I am hopeful that the committee will conclude its work and forward to me the names of recommended candidates on a schedule that allows me to announce Columbia’s next Arts and Sciences EVP and Dean by the close of the current academic year. I am especially grateful to Bob Jervis for agreeing to serve as Chair.

The committee members are:

  • Robert Jervis, Chair, Adlai E. Stevenson Professor of International Affairs
  • Ahmet-Hamdi Cavusoglu, doctoral student, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
  • Daphne Chen, student, Columbia College ’14
  • Saidiya Hartman, Professor of English and Comparative Literature
  • Robert Hymes, Horace Walpole Carpentier Professor of Oriental Studies
  • Merit Janow, Professor in the Practice of International Economic Law and International Affairs
  • Shahid Naeem, Professor of Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology
  • Alexander Navab, Columbia College ’87
  • Alondra Nelson, Associate Professor of Sociology
  • Terry Plank, Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Cathy Popkin, Jesse and George Siegel Professor in the Humanities
  • James Schamus, Professor of Professional Practice in Film in the Faculty of the Arts
  • Brent Stockwell, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences
  • Jeanette Takamura, Dean, School of Social Work
  • Harriet Zuckerman, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences ’65

Please email nominations for the position to the committee at I am looking forward to a process that I am confident will yield a truly outstanding person to take on this vital role in the University at this critically important moment in our history.


Lee C. Bollinger