We’re bringing back this old feature…just in time for winter break!  In BwogSalon, we showcase exemplary articles from other Columbia publications for you to peruse.  For this installment, we bring you humor magazine Jester.  Their new issue, “Then,” is available in the Lerner Piano Lounge, racks in Lerner and Butler, and most dorms.  

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Name of Publication: Jester of Columbia

Edition: Fall 2012

Description: The Jester of Columbia, established in 1901, is Columbia University’s only humor magazine. The Jester publishes as many as four issues a year, each with a theme intended to inspire at least some of its content. The theme for this issue is “Then.”

Selected Article: “The Last Text Messages of Amelia Earhart.” Amelia Earhart’s disappearance over the Pacific Ocean in 1937 is one of the great mysteries of aviation. Recently discovered text messages Earhart sent mid-flight to her husband George have revealed some startling information.

amelia bedelia

By Kaylin Mahoney, CC’15