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We all get by with a little help from our friends…

And no, it’s not because you finally got your flu shot.

The latest in a series of impressively diverse emails from AHinks, all Barnard students received notice yesterday announcing Barnard’s Responsible Community Action Policy. The Responsible Community Action Policy is basically the Good Samaritan policy that’s already been adopted across the street and which Dean Hinkson admits in her email has “long been in practice at Barnard.”

Dean Hinkson’s email is below, and you can read the official policy here.

Dear Students,

We are pleased to announce Barnard’s Responsible Community Action Policy.  Effective immediately, this policy encourages students to help one another in the event of a medical concern. Any student can seek assistance for herself or a fellow student without worrying about disciplinary action for possession of alcohol or use of alcohol or other substances.

Although a “Good Samaritan” approach has long been in practice at Barnard, the College has now established this written policy to formalize the process.  We believe that this new policy, along with existing regulations and prevention education, will encourage life-saving reporting, peer intervention, and responsible behavior when alcohol or other substances are involved.

This policy will have the greatest impact if members of the Barnard community are aware of its details.  Most importantly, help should be summoned for someone who is incoherent, passed out and/or in need of medical assistance, by calling Public Safety at 212-854-3362 or x88 and notifying the RA on-duty.

We encourage you to read the complete policy, which can be found on the Dean of the College and Residential Life websites.  Please also visit the Barnard Alcohol and Substance Awareness Program resources  at  for information about counseling, support, and other substance-related health and wellness issues.

The implementation of the Responsible Community Action Policy is the direct result of the continuing collaboration between the SGA Committee on Policy, the Housing Advisory Board, and the Barnard administration.  The collaboration also speaks to the fact that the health and safety of our students is a top priority that we all share. We thank the members of those committees for their hard work, and look forward to a safe and successful semester.


Dean Hinkson and the SGA Executive Board

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