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What are they looking at though

In the aftermath of the Beyonce lip sync scandal, Republicans are calling for Obama to resign from office. “If Beyoncé lip-synched the national anthem, how do we know President Obama didn’t lip-sync his oath of office?” asks Republican Senator Rand Paul. Or so believed the entire Twitter population. (International Business Times)

The NAACP and the Hispanic Federation have both joined the fight against Bloomberg’s Soda Ban, both of whom receive grants from large soda companies. In related news, JJs acquired a milkshake machine over the break, in case your 15oz Dr. Pepper didn’t cut it. (Business Insider)

A carnival worker was arrested Monday for breaking into a home in North Fort Meyers, assaulting one of the homeowners, defecating, masturbating, and sucking the contents out of a vacuum–all while naked. Moving to Florida to escape the cold is suddenly less appealing. (Huffington Post)

Two former grad students have brought a sexual harassment suit against Columbia University, claiming that they were harassed by two professors and then buried under Columbia bureaucracy when they tried to report it. And you thought SSOL musical chairs was bad. (Daily News)

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