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More dangerous than it seems

A “cheese fire” closed off a tunnel in Norway yesterday (yes, you read that right), cementing the idea that Scandinavia is a hilariously strange place. (New York Times)

Alright, alright, we all know that the bus can be a little sketchy at times. We can only hope that you don’t use it as an excuse to follow in this upstanding gentleman’s footsteps and attack someone with a watermelon because you don’t want to pay the bus fare. (ABC News)

Evidence has been released that Beyonce, the goddess herself, lip-synched at Obama’s Inauguration. Although it took us a second to come to terms with the fact that Beyonce might be mortal (*gasp), our love has not wavered. It’s okay, Beyonce — you’re still flawless. (Hollywood Reporter)

Yesterday, the United States military lifted the ban on women serving in the front-lines. (Reuters)

Deliciously juicy weaponry via Shutterstock