“Harrrrry Pottter… Come to the Chamber of Secretssss…”

You’ll finally be saying goodbye to that old email address you worked so hard to make in grade 3. (Guardian)

The Florida Snake Hunt is over and the real winner was an eleven-foot python that was released back into the wild. (ABC)

The Supreme Court will start hearing oral arguments today in the case of a small farmer against a commercial soybean giant over patent rights. What would Woodie Guthrie think?  (The Atlantic)

Would it be better if we all just went back to living in caves, hunting and gathering? (Chronicle)

A “super mega pod” of 100, 000 dolphins was spotted migrating off the coast of San Diego. If that’s not a sign of the apocalypse, I don’t know what is. (Daily Mail)

Mr Snakey via Wikimedia Commons