So...dress for all of these?

This weekend’s super-vague and totally not helpful weather report

Hang onto your parkas, folks — this weekend we might get roughly a million inches of snow. Or it might sprinkle a bit. Or it might not do anything at all. Oh weather forecasts, how you toy with us so! (Gawker)

As you confusedly attempt to set your thermostat for the weekend (just kidding, the thermostats at Columbia don’t actually work), one thing is for certain: that Rihanna is officially back with Chris Brown. Bwog thinks Rihanna needs to look at her life and look at her choices. (USA Today)

Are seats at Fashion Week really enough to start a brawl over? Organizers attempt to arrange this year’s chairs in a way that can seat more people and that doesn’t promote so many fist fights. (NYT)

Obama has announced plans to release the papers detailing policies on the use of lethal force in the crusade against terrorism. (CNN)

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