V-Day drinkin but not in a sad way

Bwog firmly believes that being single on Valentine’s Day is only as depressing as you make it (i.e., as depressing as it is for the entire rest of the year). But there’s no reason not to take advantage of the day of love to treat yourself to a good Thursday night of drunkenness. For those of you with no significant other, Bwog invites you to be our valentine with a V-Day drinking game to send you stumbling up the stairs in whatever building you happen to be celebrating in.

Take a sip:

  • Whenever you eat a Valentine’s candy. Everything is better with chocolate.
  • When you have to assure another single friend, “Being single is actually better!!”
  • If you tell an overly persistent flirt at the bar, “Sorry, I already have a Valentine.”

Take a shot:

  • When you finish all the candy within reach of your seat.
  • If you give up and ask your best friend to be your valentine.
  • Every time someone in a committed relationship pisses you off.

Finish your drink:

  • Every time two people near you who weren’t previously in a relationship start making out. Then get another drink.
  • When the person you’re secretly in love with shows up to your singles pity party.
  • If you end the night consoling a friend who actually is in a relationship.

Gettin shwasty via Shutterstock