Woo your teacher with a succulent fruit

Woo your teacher with a succulent fruit

The summer internship application season is upon us.  This only means one thing— recommendations are needed. Worried your professors don’t like you enough, or know the real you? Bwog gives our list of the best ways to be noticed (or even liked) by your professor of choice.  

Highly Effective

  • Laugh at all of their jokes
  • Make it obvious that you’ve done the reading
  • Flatter them
  • Email them with questions (but not stupid questions)
  • Ask for help (at office hours, via email, whenever you have a good excuse to talk to them, do it)
  • Tell them about the cool things you’ve been able to do or understand thanks to their class
  • Help (the humanities profs) with their technology issues
  • Come to them with related questions of interest—if you’re thinking of doing a summer internship in their field, ask for advice!
  • Always thank them for their help
  • Tell them how cute their children are (only if the children are of appropriate age for this)
  • Nominate them for Actual Wisdom
  • Feign interest in their personal anecdotes

Possibly Effective

  • Offer to clean their house for free
  • Come to class a little late so they see you come in—they’ll remember you better that way.
  • Don’t suck up like Blair Waldorf
  • Offer them free tickets to your campus show
  • Compliment their wardrobe choices
  • Give them restaurant recommendations
  • “The barista messed up”—pretend you’ve received a free second coffee and leave it on their podium
  • Make them a personalized book cover for their textbook

Worth a Shot?

  • Make a cheesecake in the shape of their face
  • Invite yourself to their birthday party
  • Throw them a birthday party
  • Go to all office hours and sit silently in their office staring at them the entire time (they’ll remember you)
  • Ask them to The Heights for a marg
  • Pass them a love note in class
  • Name a milkshake after them and bring it in for sampling
  • Have your a cappella group serenade them during exam review week

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