This guy looks like he’s having a terrible summer

If you are a student at Columbia University, you were probably admitted because of your success as a K-Pop star? hard work, dedication, and overall overachieving nature. When your high-school classmates were watching and live tweeting the new episode of Pretty Little Liars, you were writing your AP Language and Composition essay. Or maybe you were even writing someone else’s. Either way, you did your time and made it into Columbia University. And now it’s just like high school, all over again. Not mentioning the gossip and drama (we don’t have a clique problem at this school), students at Columbia push themselves just as hard as in high school. Few students leave the safe bubble of campus, despite all that New York City has to offer.

So why, during your break from classes, would you want an internship?

There are different reasons people offer for applying to internships over the summer or for spring break. These reasons have varying degrees of acceptability. Do you find yourself watching Two Broke Girls for money-saving tips, (and quoting it incessantly)? Okay, take an internship.

But many students feel obligated to compete for a spot at a prestigious company, which is an unacceptable motivation. Yes, internships will look good on your resume when you graduate college, but sometimes, focusing on the here and now is a little more important. Take a break. Spend time with your family. Have you already forgotten what they look like? And do you remember your high school friends? See them before your 10-year reunion, just in case one of them has gotten better looking, (chances are, no.) Go to the beach, read a non-assigned book, or just feel bored. You deserve it.

And if you really would like a job for the summer, don’t be afraid to work as a college student. Someone needs to work at the fast-food restaurant or fold clothes at the mall. These are low-stress, easy alternatives to internships. You don’t have to skip classes to try and finish the application. And while rejection from J.P. Morgan is devastating, you probably will not cry if Dunkin’ Donuts doesn’t hire you. (Or actually, maybe you should cry. Rethink some life choices. And then eat some ice cream).

So relax Columbians. When you receive that next email, reminding you of upcoming internship applications and resume revisers and interview practices and presentation guidelines, breathe easy. You don’t need that stuff, not just yet. What you need is some R&R (or D&D if that’s your thing. Which is totally cool, everyone has that phase).

The opposite of summer times via Shutterstock