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The world’s a scary place, and sometimes people steal your wallet. This happened on Sunday at the East Asian Library in Kent to a female student. Public Safety wrote in a statement that the man in this picture used her credit card at two stores in the area. The full email is below. Keep your friends close and your purse closer.

Dear Public Safety Friends,

On February 17, 2013 a student reported that someone stole her wallet, while she was in the East Asian Library in Kent Hall. Her credit cards were used in two local stores. Video in one of the stores, shows the male in the attached Public Safety Alert, using her credit card for a purchase. The NYPD is looking to identify this male. If you have any information about this individual, or this crime, contact our Investigations team at 212-854-4790.
Theft of unattended property is our number one reported incident on campus & at many large institutions.

Please do not leave property unattended & unsecured, even for a short walk to the bathroom, coffee stand or for a quick smoke.

Please use lockers or the buddy system (Ask a friend to watch your property while you step away). Lock your office when not in use.

Report Suspicious Person(s) / Activity to Public Safety Right Away 212-854-5555.