The fabric of SGA

With another short meeting sans administrative guest, SGA met to discuss by-law changes and JCCC funding. As per usual, Maddie Ball was there, too over encumbered to come up with a nerdy reference for today, let alone move. Wait.

The very fabric of SGA is changing this semester, as major alterations are in the works for the various rep council positions. While some of the positions are just getting fancy new titles, some will be garnering new responsibilities to help support the student body. One such example is the new Representative for Student Interests, which will be working with athletes. Another is the Rep for Arts and Culture, who, in particular, will be aiding students that are dual enrolled with the Manhattan School of Music or Julliard.

Here’s a list of the new position titles:

  • Vice President for Campus Life
  • Representative for the Arts and Culture
  • Representative for Campus Affairs
  • Representative for Student Interests

Additionally, the Joint Council Co-Sponsorships Committee (JCCC) is facing a tough decision when it comes to charity. After receiving requests to provide financial aid for charitable student group events, the line is blurred as to whether JCCC funding would be appropriate. After all, it is possible that the JCCC might end up just supporting charities directly — through the guise of a student group. In any case, next week the council will vote, and thus set a precedent for similar JCCC decisions.

Finally, make sure to attend SGA’s Town Hall meeting tomorrow, Wednesday, February 27th! It will be from 6-8 in the James Room and will focus on Barnard’s finances. ‘Til next week!

Metaphor via Shutterstock