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Now that's a party worth crashing.

Now that’s a Party Worth Crashing.

We know you’d rather be sipping margaritas on a sunny beach in the sand. But you’re not. You’ve still got over a week to go until spring break (but day-drinking could be fun). Lucky for you, Bwog’s Arts Editor Kyra Bloom made this list of arts-related events that will ease the pain of midterm season. Submit your own to¬†[email protected].


  • CMTS presents¬†Party Worth Crashing,¬†a song cycle written by new composers Kait Kerrigan (BC ‚Äô03) and Brian Lowdermilk. ¬†Performances are Thursday at 8 pm and Saturday at 7 and 9:30 pm in the Lerner Black Box. ¬†If you like musicals but detest long, winding plots, this hour-long piece is for you! $5 with CUID.¬†
  • Dog Sees God will be playing¬†this weekend in the Glicker Milstein Theatre in the Diana. ¬†Have you ever wondered what happened to the Charlie Brown Peanuts characters post-elementary school? ¬†Probably not, but the outcome is dark and entertaining. ¬†Come find out at Thursday at 8 pm, Friday at 6:30 pm, or Saturday at 8 pm. ¬†Tickets available through the TIC for $5.
  • V-Day presents their annual production of The Vagina Monologues in Roone. ¬†Every year is different, so come experience a new way of thinking about your genitals. ¬†Or something. ¬†Performances at 8 pm on Friday, ¬†and Saturday at 2 and 8 pm.
  • Eye Piece, an original piece by Pulitzer Prize nominee¬†Rinde Eckert, will be performed by the Barnard Theatre Department. ¬†As of now, only the cast understands what it’s about, but the concept certainly sounds different and worth seeing. ¬†Performances begin Thursday at 8 pm and continue Friday at 8 pm, and Saturday at 3 and 8 pm. ¬†$5 with CUID.


  • As You Like It¬†is running at The New Victory Theatre in West Midtown through the weekend. ¬†All the world’s a stage, and you can get a discount to this particular stage through CU Arts.
  • “Visualizing Emancipation” runs at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture through Mach 17th. ¬†The exhibit commemorates the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation and showcases 171 pre- and post-Civil War photographs recording the “presence of black soldiers and black workers in the American South.” ¬†Free with CUID.
  • Go check out Piero della Francesca’s paintings at the Frick. ¬†The museum currently has 6 of the 7 paintings presently in the country. ¬†The Frick does not appear to be on the Arts Initiative’s list of free entry museums, but it’s only $10 for students, and worth it to see these gems from the 1400’s.

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