Now that's a party worth crashing.

Now that’s a Party Worth Crashing.

We know you’d rather be sipping margaritas on a sunny beach in the sand. But you’re not. You’ve still got over a week to go until spring break (but day-drinking could be fun). Lucky for you, Bwog’s Arts Editor Kyra Bloom made this list of arts-related events that will ease the pain of midterm season. Submit your own to


  • CMTS presents Party Worth Crashing, a song cycle written by new composers Kait Kerrigan (BC ’03) and Brian Lowdermilk.  Performances are Thursday at 8 pm and Saturday at 7 and 9:30 pm in the Lerner Black Box.  If you like musicals but detest long, winding plots, this hour-long piece is for you! $5 with CUID. 
  • Dog Sees God will be playing this weekend in the Glicker Milstein Theatre in the Diana.  Have you ever wondered what happened to the Charlie Brown Peanuts characters post-elementary school?  Probably not, but the outcome is dark and entertaining.  Come find out at Thursday at 8 pm, Friday at 6:30 pm, or Saturday at 8 pm.  Tickets available through the TIC for $5.
  • V-Day presents their annual production of The Vagina Monologues in Roone.  Every year is different, so come experience a new way of thinking about your genitals.  Or something.  Performances at 8 pm on Friday,  and Saturday at 2 and 8 pm.
  • Eye Piece, an original piece by Pulitzer Prize nominee Rinde Eckert, will be performed by the Barnard Theatre Department.  As of now, only the cast understands what it’s about, but the concept certainly sounds different and worth seeing.  Performances begin Thursday at 8 pm and continue Friday at 8 pm, and Saturday at 3 and 8 pm.  $5 with CUID.


  • As You Like It is running at The New Victory Theatre in West Midtown through the weekend.  All the world’s a stage, and you can get a discount to this particular stage through CU Arts.
  • “Visualizing Emancipation” runs at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture through Mach 17th.  The exhibit commemorates the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation and showcases 171 pre- and post-Civil War photographs recording the “presence of black soldiers and black workers in the American South.”  Free with CUID.
  • Go check out Piero della Francesca’s paintings at the Frick.  The museum currently has 6 of the 7 paintings presently in the country.  The Frick does not appear to be on the Arts Initiative’s list of free entry museums, but it’s only $10 for students, and worth it to see these gems from the 1400’s.

Bwog’s childhood photos via Shutterstock