Group registration for the 2013 Housing cycle has begun: you have until Thursday to make friends. And with a new year of Columbia housing comes a new list of questions, concerns, and general perplexities. We’re here to help — send in all your housing related inquiries to for the best answer we can come up with. Hopefully, it’ll be generally correct. The question we’ve heard from anxious freshpersons (and everyone, really) the most often recently: is bigger better? 

Question: Will registering for housing as a larger group increase my chances of getting a good lottery number?

Answer: No. Contrary to somewhat popular belief, groups of eight don’t have any better chances in the lottery than groups of two. Instead of every individual being assigned a lottery number and the most desirable number being chosen as the group’s assignment (which is totally how one Bwogger thought it worked last year and hence rushed for a group of eight), the entire group gets one number from the outset. Assignments do not take group sizes into account and instead just randomly gives every group a number.  So you have no pressure to make nice with a large group of randos.  Chances are, as a freshperson, you’ll be living in a double.  Unless you have high hopes, a streak of good luck, or a group of friends pre-paired-up that all want to live in the same hallway and pick at the same time (i.e. you were already planning on going in with a big group of BFFS), you might as well group with only one friend.