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Barnard Admits 20.5% of Applicants

Admissions officers carrying ED acceptances

The official announcement won’t come until Monday, but Bwog has learned that Barnard admitted 20.5% of applicants to the Class of 2017. They received 5,606 applications from eager high schoolers, and admitted 1,151 of them.

Needless to say, this makes Barnard the most selective women’s college in the country. It’s also a record low admissions rate (last year’s was 22.5%) and record high number of applications for the College.

Unlike Columbia, Barnard tends to release really detailed data on their pool of accepted students, including their race/ethnicity, what they got on the SATs, and where they live. We expect Barnard will release that data on Monday, and we’ll update this post when they do.

In the meantime, congratulations to all the new freshbears!

ED admissions via Barnard College/Ayelet Pearl, BC ’14

Update, 4/1: Jennifer Fondiller, Barnard’s Dean of Enrollment Management, has nice things to say about the Class of 2017:

This was the most competitive year for applicants in Barnard’s history. Hailing from all 50 states, plus Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and 39 countries, they are among the most accomplished young women in the world. And their accomplishments, interests and experiences are just as varied. From all around the world, within minutes of receiving their acceptance letters via email, students were accepting our offers, sending in their deposits, downloading our new mobile app and signing up for open house programs. It will be exciting to meet the Class of 2017 this fall—they are a truly impressive group.

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  • BC16 says:

    @BC16 I just love the term freshbears. Congratulations to everyone who got in! Make the most of every minute here.

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous I feel like pre-frosh at both Barnard and Columbia should be called cubs. Bear cubs and lion cubs.

  • Woman says:

    @Woman Women’s colleges shouldn’t exist.

  • Women's College says:

    @Women's College You shouldn’t exist.

  • Jk says:

    @Jk Columbia admit rate ~ 6.7%

    Barnard admit rate ~ 20.5%

    Numbers dont’t lie.

    How can fools be compared to smart people. Everyone decide who’s who….

    1. Numbers don't lie... says:

      @Numbers don't lie... …but what you’re insinuating is not what they mean.

      I’ll make that decision after we’ve all put ourselves through four years of an Ivy League education.

      My guess is that those who harp on about admit rates/SATs/etc will turn out to be the fools. (hint: it’s because they’ll have nothing else to go on).

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous 25% of accepted students had less than a 620 on SAT math, or 630 on reading, or 650 on writing. Now I don’t support for talking about the SATs after people have gotten into college, but it really does seem like Barnard advocates diversity, especially intellectual diversity.

  • And so says:

    @And so Two Words: Safety School

    1. BC 2015 says:

      @BC 2015 So what? Just going by my SAT scores and GPA, Barnard was technically a safety school for me. I chose it because it was the place I could best call home, and so did my first-year roommate who turned down Harvard and CC for opportunity to go to Barnard. Barnard was our first choice, and neither of us regret it for a second.

      1. CC'14 says:

        @CC'14 Stop kidding yourself. Nobody gets into Harvard (or Columbia) and goes to Barnard. Whoever makes this claim is either lying (duh) or an idiot. Do you honestly think that Barnard offers something Harvard doesn’t? Please.

        Even if your claims were true, they would be extreme outliers and would be completely unrepresentative of Barnard students (and therefore, irrelevant). Nobody thinks better of Barnard because of your one “roommate.”

      2. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous Barnard does pretty clearly offer something Harvard doesn’t. Think before you type.

        1. Anonymous says:

          @Anonymous Haha, so you’d choose Barnard over HARVARD because Barnard’s a small liberal arts college for women? You’re fucking delusional. Let’s talk about prestige, faculty, resources, financial aid, job prospects and overall student body intelligence before that ‘Barnard girl power’ bullshit.

          The only thing I can think of is that Barnard is in NYC; oh yeah, Columbia has that too.

          You Barnard chicks are so desperate and it’s really pathetic.

          1. Anon says:

            @Anon Thankfully, none of us care what you think CC’14 and Anonymous (who are clearly both the same person).

            So, thanks, but really, no thanks.

            And on a another note–the Barnard bashing is getting really old. As esteemed “Columbia University” students you should know better than to act childish and immature. Grow up.

          2. Anonymous says:

            @Anonymous “Thankfully, none of us care what you think CC’14 and Anonymous (who are clearly both the same person). ”

            If you don’t type anything for “Name,” it automatically says “Anonymous.” Nobody’s trying to hide here. Would you like a cookie for your brilliant use of the track button?

            Apparently, plenty of people do care, since many people here either agree with me or are echoing what I’m saying. Barnard-bashing never gets old, since it’s based on truth. Also, I’m not sure how stating the facts and arguing against a preposterous claim is “childish and immature.”

          3. SEAS man says:

            @SEAS man According to your logic coming to Columbia to major in anything other than financial engineering in SEAS would be stupid.

          4. Anonymous says:

            @Anonymous No. It doesn’t have to be financial engineering. It can be Harvard (Government) vs. Barnard (Political Science), for example, and the point would still stand. Besides, job prospects was only ONE of the many things I mentioned. Work on your reading comprehension before criticizing someone else’s logic.

  • Elana says:

    @Elana Haters gunna hate. The Reality: Barnard Women dominate.

  • BSGS says:

    @BSGS Congratulations girlz.

  • Logic says:

    @Logic 20.5% when the applicant pool is restricted to women = half that if co-ed

    can’t really compare or judge these stats when one school prevents half of graduating high schoolers from applying and the other doesn’t

    1. Heisenburg says:

      @Heisenburg You’re an Idiot (and probably from Barnard). That’s not how percentages work

  • Greater Logic says:

    @Greater Logic What? Just because you have to pass the vagina test to get in doesn’t imply any sort of further selectivity among the applicant pool. If all you’re saying is that a coed Barnard would receive an equal number of male applicants with the present number of spots for enrollment that seems illogical, and therefore the 20.5% can’t be read as twice the expected value for a coed school. If you’re going to rationalize under the guise of logic, it’s probably better to make sure it’s a Gucci guise and not off the discount rack at Walmart.

  • BCFTW says:

    @BCFTW Congratulations, incoming first years! Welcome to the 2nd happiest school in the nation!

  • alum says:

    @alum The only shitty thing about Barnard is all of the douchebags at Columbia who shit on you for going to Barnard. Its a fabulous school and the CC tools should get the fuck over themselves. I took a ton of classes at Barnard as an undergrad and they were of equal caliber to the ones at CC. Jus sayin.

  • alum says:

    @alum I should add that I was CC and quite easily the most intelligent girl I ever knew as an undergrad was a Barnard student. She’d also gotten into Columbia, but chose the former. Some people would actually just prefer the educational offerings of Barnard over the oppressive pompousness of CC.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous I don’t have a problem with Barnard. I love the women, and I believe that they are brilliant individuals. This being said, please quit calling yourself Columbians. If you must separate yourselves from CC and SEAS in some aspects, please do so completely. Be PROUD of going to BARNARD. Not Columbia.

  • Hey says:

    @Hey Don’t feed the trolls, people. They thrive on your frustration.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous All of you trying to shit on each other is ridiculous. The only college douchebags are the ones that pay for their friends. Those Greek lowlifes are common in all schools.

    1. Eat a dick says:

      @Eat a dick ^

  • Archivina says:

    @Archivina I think isn’t where you study to be a success one, but how you studying and how you feels comfortable with where you’re belong just congrats for everyone..?!!! ^^

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous It is futile to compare the acceptance rates of large universities and liberal arts colleges. I know someone who was accepted to Columbia and Cambridge but was not accepted to Amherst College, which has a much higher acceptance rate than either of those two schools. I mentor a high school student who was just accepted to Stanford but rejected from Wesleyan, which has an acceptance rate that is slightly higher than Barnard’s.

    1. Right! says:

      @Right! My friend got into Georgetown SFS and rejected from Barnard. regardless of acceptance rates, one needs more pizazz to get accepted at an elite liberal arts college than one would need for a research/large university .

      1. Right Again says:

        @Right Again & another friend got rejected by Bryn Mawr, Haverford, Swarthmore, and accepted into Penn..

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Barnard’s acceptance rate is actually astoundingly low considering that it is a women’s college. The application pool is cut in half because admissions only looks at applications submitted by women. Simultaneously, Barnard is a very self-selecting school. Many female high school students do not want to apply to a single sex college, so considering how small the applicant pool is Barnard is an amazingly selective school, the most selective women’s college in the country. On top of that, Barnard is a small liberal arts college so its acceptance rates will be much different than those of a large university. Congratulations Barnard!

    And honestly, if acceptance rate is the only thing that matters then why isn’t every Columbia student going to the Curtis School of Music, the most selective school in the country?

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous “If acceptance rate is the only thing that matters then why isn’t every Columbia student going to the Curtis School of Music, the most selective school in the country?”

      Quite possibly the worst analogy I’ve ever come across. Just terrible. Yes, the acceptance rate is not the only factor, but that particular argument is just hilariously stupid.

      What’s next? MIT vs. Julliard?

      That’s BC for you.

      1. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous They were being sarcastic. That was bad and you should feel bad.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Why all the Barnard bashing? If Barnard’s presence bothers you so much, then why did you go to Columbia? Barnard has been around longer than you have been alive, and let’s not forget that the first undergraduate women at Columbia were Barnard students. All the women at CC/SEAS should be thanking Barnard for paving the way for them. Barnard isn’t going anywhere, what will bashing it achieve? Let’s all grow up and accept that Barnard is an important, historic part of the Columbia community and be supportive of each other.

    1. CC'14 says:

      @CC'14 “All the women at CC/SEAS should be thanking Barnard for paving the way for them. Let’s all grow up and accept that Barnard is an important, historic part of the Columbia community and be supportive of each other.”

      But not the women at GS? It seems you’ve forgotten about another “important, historic part of the Columbia community.” (And no, Barnard is not a part of Columbia.)

      Also, care to explain just how Barnard women paved the way for Columbian women and how all Columbian women should be thankful to Barnard? Plenty of other colleges admitted and integrated females effectively without an affiliated college for women. Columbia would have been just fine on its own — like many other universities.

      1. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous -Barnard women fought with the protesters in ’68.

        -the Columbia website lists Barnard alums as Columbia grads to emphasize its prestige in certain departments—like anthro, which had Margaret Mead as a Barnard graduate.

        -without Barnard, you wouldn’t have had an architecture school until the 80s. pretty embarrassing, no?

        those are just the first three ways in which you should be thankful to Barnard (indeed, if you’re bragging about Barnard alums on your website, you already are.) sounds like you just know less about “your” school’s history than a Barnard Womyn does! How does that make you feel?!

        1. Shaking my head... says:

          @Shaking my head... 1. Haha, so the Columbian males’ protests DIDN’T pave the way for Columbia women?

          2. Margaret Mead received her M.A. and Ph.D. from Columbia University, you dumbass. Of course she’s a Columbia alum.

          3. The Architecture school was founded in 1881, not in 1981 (the fourth oldest one in America), you idiot. Barnard didn’t have anything to do with it. Barnard was founded in 1889, 8 years after the architecture school was founded.

          You’re an embarrassment.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous 1151 more cherries to pop during NSOP!

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous I don’t appreciate how Barnard students on here are simultaneously a) bragging about the selectivity an low acceptance rate of Barnard and b) saying cc kids need to realize acceptance rates aren’t important in determining the caliber of the school.

  • recent CC alum says:

    @recent CC alum This is fact, not opinion:
    I took a bunch of classes over at Barnard and, without fail, they were the easiest classes I took in college. I’d scrape together papers the morning they were due and got A’s on all of them. I can’t say the same for my CC classes.

    I don’t believe Barnard bashing is healthy for the Columbia community. I had a lot of Barnard friends and I harbor no illwill towards them or their school. What’s ridiculous, though, is claiming that CC/SEAS and Barnard are peer institutions. They’re not. They’re just not. And that’s absolutely fine.

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous It’s important to keep in mind that even just speaking statistically, your experience is not necessarily reflective of the average experience. there’s actually an even exchange rate in classes BC students take at Columbia and classes Columbia students take at Barnard— which means you’re not the only one who’s taken both barnard and columbia classes— which means barnard girls have an equal a jumping point to go off of when comparing which school’s classes are harder.

      I’m a Barnard student. I’ve taken laughably easy Columbia classes and insanely hard Barnard ones. I’d say on average, in my experience with about a 50/50 split down the two schools, they were about the same. Maybe it’s because all our tenured professors were tenured, you know, by columbia, as is the university’s policy regarding barnard tenures.

      1. I don't not come in peace says:

        @I don't not come in peace out of curiosity, were the Barnard and Columbia classes you took in the same department? If not, then you’re comparing apples and oranges

        1. I don't not come in peace says:

          @I don't not come in peace this question also applies to “recent CC alum”

  • Columbia Student says:

    @Columbia Student 1,151 more rag-dolls for my Saturday night escapades!

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous As a CC’er, I have to agree that the Barnard classes I took were AP-level at best, with professors talking down to students as though were were like, totally BFFs. Columbia may be pompous, but it earned its pompousness. As a freshman at Columbia, I was expected to already have a handle on theory and literature that most students aren’t introduced to until graduate school. My classes at Barnard, on the other hand, seemed pervaded with academic coddling and hand holding.

  • I Come in Peace says:

    @I Come in Peace Why is there so much bashing going on? Columbia University is a big institute with four colleges, Columbia College, the Fu school of Engineering, Barnard College and the School of General Studies. At the end of the day, we all get degrees from Columbia University which is an Ivy League institute. People should just feel proud of whatever college they are currently in. Every campus has its own personality which is what makes each one unique. If you’re happy at Barnard College or Columbia College..then that is all that matters. :)

    1. Actually... says:

      @Actually... According to Columbia, it has three undergraduate colleges and one independent, affiliated college.

      1. I Come in Peace.... says:

        @I Come in Peace.... If you go to their website and search “schools” Barnard College comes up as one of their schools. The students at Barnard still get an ivy league degree.

        1. Anonymous says:

          @Anonymous Barnard is just an affiliated “school” of Columbia. Union Theological Seminary (an affiliate) is included in that SAME list. Do Union Theological Seminary students tell people they go to Columbia? No.

          You went to BARNARD, not COLUMBIA. Just accept that and stop trying to mooch off Columbia’s (or the Ivy League) prestige.

          1. I Come in Peace.... says:

            @I Come in Peace.... Ivy league or no ivy league…it’s about what you do with your life and where you end up and the attitude you have.

          2. Anonymous says:

            @Anonymous Exactly. Keep those words of advice in mind and stop trying to be something you Barnard girls are not by claiming you go to Columbia.

          3. BC16 says:

            @BC16 You assume that we ALL claim to go to Columbia, or want to claim that we go to Columbia.
            Please stop generalizing? But yeah, thanks for your “advice.”

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Not trying to bash Barnard here, but I really don’t understand the point of Women’s colleges… why can they still exist but not all-male colleges?

  • Joe says:

    @Joe Congratulations to the Barnard class of 2017.
    I’m surprised by the bashing comments here.
    I graduated from SEAS 20 years ago, and two of my best friends from college — who I visit regularly and with whom I have enjoyed the most poignant events of my life — are incredibly accomplished Barnard women.

    You will meet amazing people at Columbia U. if you open your heart and bravely engage.

  • BC '16 says:

    @BC '16 Barnard’s admit rate is so high because it’s a women’s college. If Barnard let in men, it would be half that, not including all of the idiot girls who would go to Barnard, but don’t because there are no men.

    I’ve met one person at Barnard who applied to CC. NOBODY ACTUALLY WANTS TO GO TO CC. They want the name. Columbia college is kind of shithole. Half of CC is a bunch of privileged, white, elitist douchebags who think they work harder than everyone else. The other half wants to transfer.

    Go to Barnard, bitches! You get great professors, great friends, and no stupid core!!!

  • CC says:

    @CC Why can Barnard be all female but people had an issue with Columbia being an all male school ? The answer: because no one cares about Barnard its not a good enough school for men to want to go to it anyway.

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