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ESC Spring 2013 Election Candidates

Hand putting a voting ballot in a slot of box isolated on white

Here are the Spring 2013 candidates for the Engineering Student Council. Bwog giggled at “Fu’Tastic Four,” but wishes all the candidates luck in the election.

Executive Board

PSet 150:

Siddhant Bhatt – President of the Student Body

Tanya Shah – Vice President, Policy of the Council

Jillian Ross – Vice President, Communications of the Council

Brian Wu – Vice President, Finance of the Council

Rushal Rege – Vice President, Student Life of the Council


Matthew Sheridan:

Matthew Sheridan – Vice President, Communications of the Council


Class of 2014


Daniel O’Leary – Class President

Caroline Taylor – Class Vice President

Andrew Gonzalez – Class Representative

Linda Sun – Class Representative


Sheila Misheni:

Sheila Misheni – Class President

Class of 2015

Blue Union:

Joshua Boggs – Class President

Shensi Ding – Class Vice President

Maria Balsinde – Class Representative

Gilbert Feig – Class Representative


Class of 2016


Michelle Lee – Class President

Caroline Park – Class Vice President

Abdulrahman Sam Skhosaim – Class Representative


Fu’tastic Four:

Stephanie Lee – Class President

Omar Abboud – Class Vice President

Chloe Blanchard – Class Representative

Nicolas Camacho – Class Representative


Academic Affairs Representative

Robert Ying

Professional Development and Alumni Affairs Representative

Janiel Li

Aditya Naganath

Student Services Representative

Jerry Sun

CCSC Liaison

Vishnu Kalugotla

GSSC Liaison

Manali Yavatkar

SGA Liaison

Jason Kang

Director of Technology

Vanshil Shah

Sustainability Liaison

Malini Nambiar

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  • ewww says:

    @ewww i can’t vote for someone who takes the elevator to the 3rd floor

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous who does that?

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous It’s a little hard to take elections seriously with such silly candidate group names.

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous i cant take u seriously….

  • Guest says:

    @Guest Wondering how many of these actually give a crap about SEAS and how many are just resume padders…I know a lot of these names, and I’m hoping they prove my skepticism wrong…

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous What makes you even ask that question? Just because they are running for student council?

  • sorry to say says:

    @sorry to say i love you sidd, but this new eboard is looking significantly weaker than this year’s. hope you can prove me wrong

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