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Housing Reviews 2013: EC Townhouses

Location: 70 Morningside Dr.

  • Nearby dorms: The rest of EC, Wien. Nothing else. Not that it matters, because people come to you!
  • Stores and restaurants: HamDel, Appletree Market, SubsConscious, Kitchenette(!), a handy Citibank ATM on the 4th floor of SIPA.

Cost: $9,096, higher cost range, same as Claremont, 548 W. 113th, Brownstones,  Hogan, Ruggles, Watt and Woodbridge.


  • AC/Heating: Yes and yes.
  • Kitchen/Lounge: The kitchens are well-outfitted and recently remodeled. The island space in the center of the kitchen offers copious counter-top space, making it possible for multiple people to cook in the kitchen at once as well as doubling as a nifty bar for all those late-night reenactments of your favorite moments from Cheers.
  • Computers/Printers: Labs with a printer are on the 10th and 18th floors of the high rises.
  • Bathrooms: Sharing one between as many as six can be trying. They come with a shower, two sinks, and a toilet in a stall.
  • Gym: There are two floors with cardio machines in the high rises. These have several cardio machines.
  • Intra-transportation: Just one flight of stairs to get to the upper townhouses.
  • Wi-Fi: Yep.
  • Hardwood/Carpet: Renovated suites have all-hardwood floors and a linoleum kitchen floor. Other suites have carpeted rooms, and the hallway and lounge is carpeted.
  • Laundry: An army of fast machines.
  • Storage: Copious storage space! A coat closet, plus as many as two extra closets. Basically, your closet space is nicer than some other people’s living space.

Room Variety:

  • Mainly six-person suites with six singles, some with four singles and a double
  • There are a handful of four-person, four single suites.


  • Four-Persons: Lucky seniors.  ~30/500, last year was 30/1468, so there’s hope, maybe, but probs not.  Don’t bet the house (or friendships) on this one.
  • All-single six-persons: Typically midrange, but anywhere from 30/1500 – 30/2500. Last year’s was  30/1677.
  • One-double Sixer: They go relatively late.  ~30/2500 or later. Last year was 30/2279.

Bwog Recommendation:

  • This is pretty hard to beat for seniors. Be wary if you’re really picky about bathroom cleanliness. You also don’t get a nice highrise view, but it’s easier to get a suite of all singles.

New Stuff:

  • Complete renovation of 18th floor suites including kitchen and bathroom work, new flooring, paint and furniture
  • Electronic lock installation on 18th floor and West Townhouses (H1, H3, H5, H7, H9)

Resident Opinions:

  • “My only complaint is the paper thin walls. i can literally hear the folks next door brushing their teeth in the morning.”
  • “If you face the courtyard things get rowdy. If you’re on the top floor, you’re pretty sure people below you know what you’re doing all day, but it’s impossible to hear people at the suite door.”
  • Facing campus means great light almost all day, facing inward means you appear to be living in a dim murk for all of existence.
  • “Bathrooms have no ventilation, which is a problem for me personally as I. Cannot. Air. Dry in them. Otherwise fantastic place to live. Love it. “
  • “Lots of mice!!!”
  • “If you live next to the townhouse that houses the COOP parties, expect to get no sleep on certain nights of the month.”
  • “Sharing a single bathroom between six people usually works out–if you never actually have to use the bathroom. Otherwise, you’ll soon find yourself toying with the idea of purchasing a chamberpot.”
  • “EC townhouses are a MUST for anyone who likes throwing parties. The combination of generous space and prime location is unbeatable for cocktails, shindigs, soirees, and even clambakes.”
  • “The courtyard corridors are so windy that no matter what hairstyle you enter them with, you always exit with the Bieber.”
  • “If you have a choice, pick an upper townhouse facing Harlem (not campus), and remember that the top floor of the upper townhouses faces the courtyard — not the beautiful view of the East Side that the lower and middle room floors have!”


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  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Make sure youre not living anywhere near that goddamn frat…fucking inconsiderate assholes

    1. every townhouse, says:

      @every townhouse, is loud. The walls are thin and it’s a social dorm. I live next to musicians, but I can’t complain. You have to expect a certain level of noise if you live here.

      1. I know, right? says:

        @I know, right? Talk about thin walls! EC might be a little too social, if you know what I mean. (Gloryholes)

        1. differentiation says:

          @differentiation you can be loud without being inconsiderate/pissing people off. when the walls are actually thin enough to hear people next door talking and laughing, no one can reasonably hold a grudge against anyone laughing and talking too loud while hanging out with their friends, having sex too loud, or having a party till late. you can close the window to keep the smell of weed out, and get used to a little noise in the background.

          What I’m mad about is not being able to sleep on the weekends because of the idiots who turn the music on at full blast at 3 am for a full hour, stomping and belting along to the music. I’m mad that I have had to find other places to sleep, while several others have ahd to call the RA on duty to get them to shut up–and even that only works so well. oftentimes they’ll just turn the music back on after being written up.

          I know EC has a reputation for being crazier than other dorms, but we still live in a community that expects a level of mindfulness/considerateness from us. That you live in a dorm with an extra vibrant party culture doesn’t excuse you from decent behavior.

          1. differentiation says:

            @differentiation that was meant to be in response to “every townhouse”

    2. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous As a member of “that fucking frat,” (actually, I might not be – I know of at least seven that have EC townhouses) should have gone with Hogan.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous You sound like a copious idiot.

  • Renovated Townhomes? says:

    @Renovated Townhomes? Hey Bwog,
    Which of the townhomes are renovated with hardwood floors? Any recommendations for which of the 6 persons with a double to go for?

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Gothamist just reported someone died in EC. WHAT is going on. Does anyone know???

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous The article was updated – apparently the woman wasn’t a Columbia student.

      1. not a student? says:

        @not a student? ok, dont worry about it then, bwog. just a dead person in a columbia dorm.

        1. Anonymous says:

          @Anonymous It would be pretty irresponsible to post anything about it right now. There’s literally no info other than that she was found at 11:48 AM and no arrests have been made.

        2. Anonymous says:

          @Anonymous ho hum, great for someone’s family to theoretically find out this way before columbia can reach them.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous EC: now with dead people

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous This is the definition of too soon

      (I still laughed though)

  • Umm says:

    @Umm Bwog, don’t you think this was a bad time to release this review??

  • Umm says:

    @Umm Bwog, don’t you think that this was a bad time to release this review? you know, with a recent death in EC?

    1. hey says:

      @hey dude not cool ^

  • rest of the reviews??? says:

    @rest of the reviews??? Bwog, seniors’ housing appointments start tomorrow–could we please get hogan, rest of EC, woodbridge, etc. reviews ASAP? thanks!

    1. Why bother says:

      @Why bother When the cutoffs and changed prices are on the Housing website, and the reviews so far have been nearly identical to their 2011/2012 counterparts?

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