If you’re hiding out in your room / still getting last licks on spring break, you haven’t yet seen that there is a large motorcade on College Walk right now.  Rumors are abounding that it is for Vice President Joe Biden, although we have not had this confirmed yet.

Columbia confirms that the motorcade is in attendance for a memorial service being held this afternoon for J-School alum Richard Ben Cramer, class of 1972–who wrote extensively about politics and the White House and won a Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting in 1979 for coverage of the Middle East.

Update, 1:30: VP Biden is confirmed by CU to be on campus for the service, and there are in fact snipers on the Low roof.

Update, 3 pm: Our reporter on the scene says: “He came over, said hi, said thanks for waiting, shook some hands and left.” Spec overheard him tell a student that “her smile lights up the quad.”