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PSA: Keep Thy Loins Girded

They can do that?

They can do that?

Bwog received an anonymous tip from an RA outlining the current procedure for investigating marijuana incidents:

  • If an RA detects the smell of weed, or someone reports the smell to an RA, they call in another RA to confirm.
  • Once two RAs have confirmed the smell, they will knock on the door in question
  • If no one answers, the RAs will call Public Safety and key into your room

According to the Terms & Conditions of Housing’s Guide to Living, this is completely kosher:

The University reserves the right to enter an assigned space for reasons of health, safety, or emergency with or without the occupant’s permission; for the purpose of insuring compliance with these Terms and Conditions of Residence; for inventory; and for making necessary repairs.

Since Bwog thought that RAs couldn’t enter your room unless you open the door, we figured we’d let you know to hide your bong, hide your stash, ’cause they invadin’ everybody up in here.

Surprised stoner via Shutterstock

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  • this article is what bwog is all about says:

    @this article is what bwog is all about walkin’ that line between real news source and heads-up for dorm room pot smokers.

  • and i got bronchitis says:

    @and i got bronchitis ain’t nobody got time for that!

  • former RA says:

    @former RA the public safety thing is not really accurate, most RAs are too lazy to go through the hassle, and will just write it up saying they didn’t answer the door. If you’re caught smoking pot and the RA is a knockin, you should stay in your room silently (if you were not being loud before and it doesn’t reek too too bad outside) or leave your EC suite through the bottom door. If not, answer the door, pretend you have no idea what’s going on and blame it on your neighbor. (Who won’t get in trouble, because it’s kind of difficult to get anyone in trouble through Reslife) Plus, the RA will give up and just write that no one admitted to it and go back to their homework.

    1. current RA says:

      @current RA Actually they just changed the policy (announced at last night’s staff meetings)–we now have to call public safety if they dont answer the door.

      1. lol says:

        @lol What area are you? We didn’t even have a staff meeting.

    2. CC'13 says:

      @CC'13 somehow you missed the memo on professionalism.

      1. anon says:

        @anon Uh, so did ResLife.

    3. Current RA says:

      @Current RA Times have changed brah

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous What about barnard policy?

    1. BC student says:

      @BC student girl, I’m with you on the “wanting Barnard and Columbia to be in sync” thing, but their policies are totally independent of each other

      1. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous Pretty sure they have the same policy too? Public safety people were there when a bnard friend of mine got busted recently, probably by RAs following these same procedures. Or not, who knows. Hate the war on fun.

        1. Anonymous says:

          @Anonymous except Barnard makes you go see the alcohol and drug counselor, among many other stupid things.

  • Arsene Wenger says:

    @Arsene Wenger FUCK DA POLICE

    1. SOmeone says:

      @SOmeone needs to haze these public safety bros so they become more chill. I’m looking at you, Pike, ZBT…


    @SCHEMING SEAS GUY Put a microwave in your room. Put a bowl of water in it. Put weed in the bowl. Set the timer for 5 minutes (boiling time) right before you leave for class.

    If you have a sleeping roommate –> LOLZ.

  • NYU Student says:

    @NYU Student Damn, and I thought NYU’s policy was bad.

    It doesn’t matter anyway, our students are drowning in debt.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous This isn’t exactly a secret.

  • blunts in butler says:

    @blunts in butler Just smoke in the stacks.

  • A current RA says:

    @A current RA I’d like to add that once we physically see marijuana or any drug paraphernalia, we are required to call Public Safety. I’d also like to disagree with statements made by “former RA.” Please do not try to blame it on your neighbor or hide out from the RA. We’re not stupid-we can tell you’re in there, and it will be really embarrassing if when you don’t answer and if we have to call PS to key in, find you in there. As a note, we have to document the time it took for residents to open the door after we knock, so it’s always worse on the OJA end when they see it took a while. It’s just always SO obvious when residents pretend they have no idea what’s going on/try to play it cool. Regardless of what we think of the policy of calling PS, it is our job, and we signed a contract saying we would comply with our duties, so don’t hate us for it.

    1. Other RA says:

      @Other RA All of us are not this strung up.

      But we DO document a) when you’re compliant and nice to us b) if you take a LONG time to come to the door and c) if you’re rude to us.

      So just don’t be stupid.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Better get a safe for my bong/stash!

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