They can do that?

They can do that?

Bwog received an anonymous tip from an RA outlining the current procedure for investigating marijuana incidents:

  • If an RA detects the smell of weed, or someone reports the smell to an RA, they call in another RA to confirm.
  • Once two RAs have confirmed the smell, they will knock on the door in question
  • If no one answers, the RAs will call Public Safety and key into your room

According to the Terms & Conditions of Housing’s Guide to Living, this is completely kosher:

The University reserves the right to enter an assigned space for reasons of health, safety, or emergency with or without the occupant’s permission; for the purpose of insuring compliance with these Terms and Conditions of Residence; for inventory; and for making necessary repairs.

Since Bwog thought that RAs couldn’t enter your room unless you open the door, we figured we’d let you know to hide your bong, hide your stash, ’cause they invadin’ everybody up in here.

Surprised stoner via Shutterstock