Achilles really pines for the NYU ambulance, Patroklos

There undoubtedly exist some unexplainable phenomena—the lithium problem, crop circles, and Lindsay Lohan are a few. Outside of these perplexing mysteries, however, lies the realm of Bwog’s collective knowledge, which we’d like to share with you now.

Dear Bwog,

I was walking down college walk about a week ago when I overheard a guy calling one of the CAVA ambulances “Achilles.” Is this my overactive/ overeager/ Lit Hum-brainwashed imagination or do the CAVA ambulances actually have names?


Amberlamps Enthusiast

Dear Amberlamps,

We did some investigatin’ and found out that YES the ambulances DO indeed have names. How whimsical! Here’s what the director of CAVA had to say about it:

CUEMS has greek names for both of its ambulances. This has been a tradition for a number of years. Our older ambulance is named Odysseus and the younger one is named Achilles. Pegasus was a possible name offered for a future ambulance if we were to get one at some point. I consider them heroes who look out for the university and the student body. We used the names more in the past when their regular titles (04, and 05) became boring. The names were chosen for their obvious connection to the Iliad and the overall Greek tradition of our school. Our older ambulance is like Odysseus, not as flashy as our newer one, but he gets us through a long night and is a great companion. Achilles is younger, flashier, cooler, yet has seen less action and is much more of a teen like his personality in the Iliad.

We’re glad they’re using their LitHum knowledge wisely.



Bright lights in the big city via Shutterstock