The results from the SGA elections are now in. While some candidates ran unopposed, other races were quite contentious. In particular, the race of SGA president became a forum on the role of Greek life at Barnard—candidate Aliza Hassine had supported SGA’s recognition of sororities two years ago, while her opponent Maddy Popkin co-wrote an article critical of Greek life. In the end, Maddy won.

Full disclosure: SGA’s newly-elected (after running unopposed) VP for Communications, Renée Kraiem, is Bwog’s former Barnard Bureau Chief. Instead of cutting through SGA’s spin to get to the truth, she’ll now be the one spinning us, and we couldn’t be happier for her.

Here is Barnard’s new student government:

President SGA: Maddy Popkin

Vice President: Mia Cooper

Vice President for Campus Life: Colleen Mulvihill

Vice President for Communications: Renee Kraiem

Vice President of Finance: Julie Tauber

Jr. Representative to the Board of Trustees: Ashiana Jivraj

Representative for Student Interests: Eliza Taylor

Representative for College Relations: Angela Sun

Representative for Campus Policy: Emily Hough-Kovacs

Representative for Diversity: Julia Qian

Representative for Student Services: Claudia Flores

Representative for Information and Technology: Mel Meder

Representative for Arts and Culture: Adrienne Nel

Sr. Class President: Stephanie Fernandez

Sr. Class VP: Nikki Weiner

Jr. Class President: Hannah Rosenwein

Jr. Class VP: Lissa Soares

Soph. Class President: Shivani Vikuntam

Soph. Class VP: Rachel Chung

Soph. Class Secretary: Anjali Agarwalla

Soph. Class Treasurer: Pascale Dugue