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Barnard’s Next Student Government

The results from the SGA elections are now in. While some candidates ran unopposed, other races were quite contentious. In particular, the race of SGA president became a forum on the role of Greek life at Barnard—candidate Aliza Hassine had supported SGA’s recognition of sororities two years ago, while her opponent Maddy Popkin co-wrote an article critical of Greek life. In the end, Maddy won.

Full disclosure: SGA’s newly-elected (after running unopposed) VP for Communications, Renée Kraiem, is Bwog’s former Barnard Bureau Chief. Instead of cutting through SGA’s spin to get to the truth, she’ll now be the one spinning us, and we couldn’t be happier for her.

Here is Barnard’s new student government:

President SGA: Maddy Popkin

Vice President: Mia Cooper

Vice President for Campus Life: Colleen Mulvihill

Vice President for Communications: Renee Kraiem

Vice President of Finance: Julie Tauber

Jr. Representative to the Board of Trustees: Ashiana Jivraj

Representative for Student Interests: Eliza Taylor

Representative for College Relations: Angela Sun

Representative for Campus Policy: Emily Hough-Kovacs

Representative for Diversity: Julia Qian

Representative for Student Services: Claudia Flores

Representative for Information and Technology: Mel Meder

Representative for Arts and Culture: Adrienne Nel

Sr. Class President: Stephanie Fernandez

Sr. Class VP: Nikki Weiner

Jr. Class President: Hannah Rosenwein

Jr. Class VP: Lissa Soares

Soph. Class President: Shivani Vikuntam

Soph. Class VP: Rachel Chung

Soph. Class Secretary: Anjali Agarwalla

Soph. Class Treasurer: Pascale Dugue

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  • BCsenior says:

    @BCsenior Feeling so happy about the future of this school under Maddy’s presidency! This is such an important change and I’m so excited to see what she and the rest of the new SGA team do. Congrats everyone!

  • bc '15 says:

    @bc '15 SGA – please, please, please make sure to take a no-tolerance approach with corrupt or unfair policies by the administration that they will probably keep doing. a lot of my friends, especially juniors and seniors, were affected by stuff the administration did last year—the housing crisis and the pool closing are two examples. the students need you to fight for us.

    1. There was a pool? says:

      @There was a pool? Someone should have told me as Iwould have liked to see a bunch of wet, nearly naked Barnard dames (:.

  • Also says:

    @Also This is a good group… Not too many asians.

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous seriously?

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous I have no thoughts either way on Maddie, but I just wanted to extend my sympathies to Aliza. She’s been a fantastic representative for the past three years, and it is a huge shame that she will not be a part of SGA anymore. Not only has she world exceedingly hard to do what was right for students, but she did a lot of work without credit. Many people do not realize just how much a class council does, and even fewer know how much exchange goes on between SGA members and other groups on campus. It is a shame reading through comments that people feel Aliza did not do enough or have a unique platform, but such is the world of government- taking private victories and public failures.

    Congratulations to the new SGA board. I wish you the best of luck, despite many challenges that will come before you. For every success you have, there will be someone to discredit it, so do not lose heart! You are doing a valuable service for the community!

    1. #theabovecommentwasprobablyaliza says:

      @#theabovecommentwasprobablyaliza How much would you bet that that was Aliza commenting?

      1. anon says:

        @anon How can you say that? That is honestly a gracious comment. I think both candidates ran a fair campaign. What was wrong was the former SGA members endorsement of certain candidates. The correct thing to do is not say anything publicly at all if you are already in that position.

      2. Arielle says:

        @Arielle So…I was the one who wrote that, not Aliza. But that’s cool that you’re saying things like this. It’s totally not a dick move or anything at all.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous #ShitThatDoesn’tMatter

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous No men?

  • But Bwog... says:

    @But Bwog... The presidential race was very contested, but it really had very little to do with Greek life. Further, the issues mentioned here were actually totally unrelated. Maddy was not even a student here when Greek life was recognized in 2010, and her article was not so much critical of Greek life in general (much less SGA recognition) as it was of the particular language used by AOII. It’s possible and perhaps even likely that they do have conflicting opinions regarding Greek life and its presence at Barnard, but that was not what the election was about, and it’s quite odd to present it as such.

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous I don’t think the election was about Greek Life in and of itself, but standing up for people who don’t fit in was basically maddy’s platform. I think, and all the rallying behind Maddy as an original and an antithesis of normal, institutional, cliched Barnard-normativity suggest, that a lot of her support had to do with her as a sort of anti-heteronormative, anti-dg, anti-aliza figure and for that reason, i don’t think Bwog’s portryal is that inaccurate.

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