Our queen, goddess, everything.

Our queen, goddess, everything.

Bwog officially endorses Beyoncé. Just in general.

Saying that you like Beyoncé is like saying you like to breathe. Obvi. Beyoncé is like totes Bwog’s favorite person eva. She’s fierce, she’s a sexy mommy, and she has an accent at the end of her name, so computers think you’ve misspelled her name.


But in all seriousness, Beyoncé is a positive role model in a whole slew of celebrity disasters. We’re looking at you Charlie Sheen.

#leavelindsayalo(ne)han  #jkbrittanyisactuallynotasweirdnow

A group of zealous, (“hey me too! :) :) :) >_<“) prefrosh in the  Columbia Class of 2017 group have made it their mission to bring Beyoncé to campus as a speaker at convocation. They are currently running a Twitter campaign using the hashtag: #BeyonceAtCU. Some of their top cited reasons for having Beyoncé as the convocation speaker:

1. Since Bey doesn’t speak that much we think it would be rather unique for her as well as us.
2. She lives in NYC and her husband was featured on a song about the city.

We don’t think any questions should be asked. Beyoncé doesn’t speak near enough. That jerk Kanye (why isn’t it Kanyé?) never lets her finish. If you are interested, like us, in getting the best thing ever to come to our campus, contact Fainan Lakha and the misguided souls club.

Listed below are some of Bwog’s favesies tweets from the ongoing!campaign:

  • “I want this to happen man come on #beyonceatCU”
  • “@Beyonce you named your daughter blue ivy, we ARE the blue ivy!”
  • “@Beyonce pretend we’re Brazil and answer our pleas to come 2 Columbia (not Colombia bey)”
  • “@Beyone please make my life”

Bwog is pretty sure someone has been live tweeting our dreams. Beyoncé, bey, if you’re reading this, just know that we love you. Bwog may not be Jay-Z, but we look the same when we wear a paper bag on our heads. #thiswasprobablytoomuch

How can you not love her via Wikimedia Commons