"I am the dog—the big, bad dog."

“I am the dog—the big, bad dog.”

Shamu’s hefty, just like SeaWorld’s IPO will be, at $540 million. There’s nothing like combining memories from our past with news that will affect our futures in finance. (Forbes)

Stem cells are small, but their impact could be big. The Vatican promoting the use of adult stem cells is worth at least 10 Shamus. (Press-Enterprise)

European housewives hundreds of years ago probably had quite a few pounds on them, but they knew how to kill bedbugs naturally. Now scientists attempt to replicate their methods synthetically. (NY Times)

A 6.3 magnitude earthquake might spill a few drops of your Starbucks coffee. Iran tells everyone to relax and that their nuclear power plant didn’t spill anything. (Euronews)

$1.1 billion is more than mobsters can fit into their briefcases, and Leonard Lauder donated Cubist pieces worth that much to the Met. (Forbes)

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