Baby giraffe checks to see if he's still cute. He is.

Baby giraffe checks to see if he’s still cute. He is.

Just because you’re Bank of America doesn’t mean you can meet your expected quarter profits. Check your privilege. (Reuters)

Check yourself, but also check your mail for ricin, especially if you’re a senator. Maybe it’s a good thing you never visit your Lerner mailbox. (NY Times)

Have you always wanted to colonize a new planet? Check your calendar, because Dutch “Mars One” is now accepting applicants for a one-way trip. (BBC)

Investigators in Boston have scoured the scene of the marathon bombings, and have found the circuit board and more pieces of the bombs. (Boston Globe)

Think you’re banging your cousin? If you’re from Iceland, yeah, you are. Still, check yourself by checking this app to see just how closely related you and your partner are.

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