None of that "perpetual dictator" hocus-pocus

None of that “perpetual dictator” hocus-pocus

A few days ago we posted about the ESC elections, but now here are your candidates for CCSC and GSSC! Although there’s quite a lack of competition on the CCSC side, all positions on the executive board of GSSC are contested. Let the dirty politics valiant battles begin. Online voting for GSSC is from April 8-11 online, or in-person in the GS Lounge from 10-4 pm on the 9th and 10th. Online voting for CCSC runs from April 8-10.

CCSC Candidattes

Class of 2016 Council

Richin Kabra – Representative

The Corps

Ramis Wadood – President
Grayson Warrick – Vice President
Benjamin Kornick – Representative
Anne Scotti – Representative
Jonah Belser – Representative

Class of 2015 Council

The Clique

Michael Li – President
Uchechi Iteogu – Vice President
Liam Bland – Representative
Kareem Carryl – Representative
Jackson Tse – Representative

Class of 2014 Council

Kiwi Krew

Conan Cassidy – President
Joanna Kelly – Vice President
Sarita Patankar – Representative
Ben Xue – Representative
Zach Vargas-Sullivan – Representative

Executive Board

It’s Always Sunny At Columbia

Daphne Chen – President
Bob Sun – VP Policy
Peter Bailinson – VP Communications Noah Swartz – VP Finance
Briana Saddler – VP Campus Life

Student Services Representative

Nada Zaher
Loxley D. C. Bennett II
Chris Godshall

Pre-Professional Representative

Hamza Khan
Mary Joseph

Academic Affairs Representative

Nora Habboosh
Benjamin Spener
Rachel Bercovitz
Qiuyun Tan
Omeed Maghzian

Alumni Affairs Representative

Daniel Cohen
Alexandra (Allie) Carieri
Daniel Liss
Sahng-Ah Yoo
Alexander Andresian
Pilar Guerra

University Senate

Ved Tanavde
Chris Canales
David Froomkin
Jared Odessky
Michael MacKay

GSSC Candidates

Student Body President

Hannah Germond
Robbie LeDesma
Joseph Giovanni Ramos

Vice President of Policy

Michael Christie
Edgardo Martinez
Ari Platt

Vice President of Finance

Deniz Rosenberger
Austin Taylor

Vice President of Student Events

Paul Cornec
Jason Pettigrew

Vice President of Communications

Cole Cademartori
Adam Heinis
Loren Myers

Veteran Students Representative

Daniel Slaughter
Benjamin Vickery

JTS Representative

Eva Gelernt
Elizabeth Heyman
Zachary Javitt

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