Columbians: nerds to the bitter end

Well, it’s Thursday again, and now that spring is almost-but-not-quite here, we’re almost-but-not-quite ready to leave our dorms for the chilly outdoors. For those of you looking for something classier different than beer pong to pregame your way to warmth, Bwog has a few of our favorite tech-based suggestions. Apparently our generation is “technologically literate,” and while we have no idea what that means, it hopefully has something to with the fact that even when we’re too drunk to stand, we can still manage to spew out a half-legible text. In that spirit, here are Bwog’s favorite drunk uses for technology.

1) Drinkify

For those of you who have been living under a rock, Drinkify is a website that finds the perfect alcoholic pairing for any music you’re listening to. For the game aspect of this, put your entire music library on shuffle and use the alcohol/mixers you have to attempt to make the closest approximation of the drink for each new song and artist. Protip: Since you go to Columbia, most of the recommendations will be red wine or PBR, so try putting on Spotify radio for an artist you normally wouldn’t listen to.

2) Phrase Party

This iPhone game (which only requires one phone, so don’t worry) is equally fun drunk, high, or sober. Basically, it’s a simpler version of Taboo, where you try to get everyone else in the room to guess a word/phrase and then pass the phone on to the next person. Time will run out after a few phrases have been guessed, and whoever is holding the phone at this point must take a shot (or two, or five, depending on how drunk you need to get in the next half hour).

3) Random Alcoholic Drink Generator

This one’s pretty self-explanatory…feel free to keep generating drinks until you find one you have the ingredients for. Or, just take a shot of something every time the drink it generates sounds absolutely disgusting.

4) Never Have I Ever (Stalked That Person)

Like Never Have I Ever, except that you have to name someone you’ve never stalked on Facebook. For the purposes of the game, stalking refers to looking at their profile, or further examining any of their activity that scrolls by on your newsfeed. Never Have I Ever Stalked isn’t a real game as far as Bwog knows, but the next time you want to get people out of your room in a hurry, just suggest playing this.

Lovin dat bowtie via Shutterstock