CU Admirers has been unexpectedly shut down by Facebook for the next 3 days–with a possible extended hiatus by the showrunners. In reaction, Bwog staff first said, “Oh god we might have to collectively result resort to just telling each other about our feelings in person shit we’re doomed it’s all over,” and second started writing haikus to commemorate, as one does. Share your emotions in the comments.  Or, you know, out loud to a real person.

I’m admiring
Your ass but I have no one
To tell anymore

A vague description
Of how attractive you are
Could be anyone

Do you love me now?
I did mention hair color.
Isn’t that enough?

No longer can I
Be poetic about that
One night stand we had

My dear Keanu
I can’t admire you no more
But damn boy dat ass

In love with a girl
Brunette, in my lit hum class
Guess she’ll never know

Does not affect me
Have never received nor sent
But a girl can dream

That awkward moment
When your online persona
Gets more game than you

But how will I know
Cute boy in Butler last night
Objectified me?

Distant gaze, eyes locked
A passion unrealized
Now I masturbate

Did I just write that
Oh my god I just wrote that
Drunker than I thought

Beautiful red head
How I long for thee today
Love unadmired

A post with no name
And no discerning details
I hope you answer

Admirers is dead
So I’m writing a haiku
How many syllables in the last line again?