Each month, The Blue and White publishes two pages of poetry! Here is our last Measure for Measure. As you can see, they are very nice poems. However, they are by senior editor Torsten Odland. And while we like publishing his poetry—we have published a poem of his below, after the jump—we would also like to publish other students’ poetry.

So: if you have original, unpublished verse that you would like to see in The Blue and White, send it to editors@theblueandwhite.org by Sunday, April 28, at 11:59 pm.


In My Nissan


In high school,

my brother and I would cruise

around our county for hours

listening to Marvin Gaye’s

“Let’s Get It On,”

because we were really funny.


The streets ran

like a tangle of yarn

that had been dropped

by a careless bird,

and every Friday night

we would put on “Good Times, Bad Times”

and try to trace out the pattern

that 2009 is working on America.

One night we counted all

the houses with red doors.


We’re back in the driveway,

calling it quits at 12:30,

and when I open the door

the light conjures my face in the windshield.


—Torsten Odland