A wild FRESHMAN appears! What will BWOG do? BWOG used CONVENIENT FEATURE WHERE WE ANSWER QUESTIONS. It’s super effective!

Hi Mr. Bwog,

My name is Chris. I am a freshman. I have a question. What happens to me after Saturday? Am I a sophomore? Or do I have to wait until June?

All week this question has made me go :( ARG ARG ARG WAHAHA CHU CHU :P. I asked my philosophy professor and he told me to shut up and go back to taking my test. I asked the security guard in Hartley and she didn’t hear me because she was reading the Spec. I asked my friend Oscar and he said that he didn’t know. HELP ME Mr. Bwog. You’re my only hope.

Your bestest friend of all,

Christopher L

Hi Chris.

You can just call us Bwog, although we do take the royal ‘we’. Kidding. Maybe.

We’re a bit divided on this issue, but the staff has a few possible criteria for defining at what point you really level up.

  • “You are a sophomore once you get enough credits. So if you pass all your frosh classes, yes.”
  • “‘Rising _____’ is a real thing invented for situations like this.”
  • “Technically not until you’re back at school, but bitches love older guys, so say you’re a sophomore anyway”

Take that as you will, Chris. Bwog is sitting pretty at supersupersupersenior status, so we don’t have any trouble with the ladies.