How you feel if you have a Friday final.

How you feel if you have a Friday final.

Why so long? Because time. I have a lot of it now.

Bwoglines: A group of millionaires, known as The Long Now Foundation, are building a 10,000 year clock inside a mountain in Texas. It is inspired by the “The Millenium Clock,” written by Danny Hills for Wired in 1986. (Vice)

Time marches on – and right over an ancient Mayan pyramid. And by marched we mean turned to gravel for use on a “road project.” Oops! (The Guardian)

Procrastination: Sex is a part of the natural world. It has always and will always be a focus in our lives. That said, the natural world is also full of super weird animal penasia! Every link is 100% Bwog-certified worth it. (Vice)

Queens of the Stone Age’s eagerly anticipated comeback album, “…Like Clockwork,” comes out on June 4th. Until then, you can enjoy an interwoven video series (on-loop) that has been plucked straight from your nightmares and is rife with enough hellish imagery to make you miss the nighttime company of even the most annoying of Carman suitemates.

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…Or, you know, you could read a book.

Finals Tip: Stop. Go get drunk like all the other kids.

Overheard: Little boy pointing at the structure in front of Buler (pre-completion): Look! They’re building a spaceship!

To Infinity and Beyond, Seniors.

The infinitesimal nature of our existence via Shutterstock