Official choice of badasses everywhere

Think those bright colors are funny, do ya? Think that music is somethin’ to smile about? Well wipe that smirk off your face goddammit because driving an ice-cream truck is no joke. Those guys will mess you up. (Yahoo)

A couple of days ago, rapper Danny Brown got a little… erm… closer to his fans in an incident that immediately blew up (hah! See what I did there?) in the media. Whether you think he deserves a high-five, a punch in the face, or a comforting hug, his tour-mate, Kitty Pryde, has some intelligent opinions on what went down. (Kingpin, Noisey)

What do you get when you combine zombies, worms, and acid? Bwog’s least favorite creature (besides the frankenfish, obviously) and the worst nightmare of whales everywhere. Sometimes, nature is just the worst. (Discovery, NY mag)

Aren’t you glad you’re not in Colorado or Wyoming? Go outside, enjoy the sunlight, and laugh at all your friends who go to school in the West. (CS Monitor)

don’t act like a little bitch via Shutterstock