Cheers to another year under your belt!

Well, another year is drawing to a close, and though we may not notice with our finals goggles on, we’re actually kind of sad to be leaving you all for a few months – especially those of you who won’t be returning next fall. So, for old time’s sake, here are a few ways you can have some fun and fulfill your final graduation requirements at the same time.

Finals “Studying”

For this drinking game, you’ll need three or more people in the same class, preferably at about the same skill level. Choose a point system – for a physics class, it could be based on who can solve a difficult problem first; if you’re cramming for Lit Hum, try quizzing each other with 100% randomly-selected quote IDs and see who gets closest. The person who answers the question first takes a shot, and gets to ask the next question. For bonus points, invite your TA to play along!

Drunk Swim Test

Pretty self-explanatory. The swim test is being offered Wednesdays from 8:30-9:30pm, Fridays from 12-2pm, and Sundays from 3-4pm for the rest of the semester. We expect to see you there on Sunday, but if you choose to go Wednesday, you’d better show up to 1020 in a bathing suit afterwards.

The “Your Parents Are Coming to Help You Move Out” Game

Invite all the random people on your floor that you’ve never actually spoken to to come into your room and drink all your remaining alcohol and/or finish any other illicit substances. If you’re lucky, they’ll drunkenly take some of your other belongings by mistake, thus making it easier to move out. However, you lose points if anyone leaves anything behind for you to deal with, so make sure to leave your window open so everyone will be too cold to take off their sweaters.

Clink! via Shutterstock