What happens if your parents tell the waiter at Community that it’s your birthday

So your parents are sticking around the city for an extra day, and you need a nice restaurant to take them to that isn’t too far out of the Morningside bubble; or perhaps you’ve met a cutie, and you want to seal the deal with a romantic date at a campus hot spot. Fear not, freshpeople, Bwog is here to help! We’ve compiled a shortlist of our favorite Morningside eats that will get you as close to a real New York City restaurant experience as you can get without going below 110th street.

  •  Max SoHaRustic Italian, largely homemade.
    • Very small, expect a wait. No reservations, cash only.
    • Nice outdoor seating.
    • Trying desperately to define the new neighborhood of SoHa: South of Harlem
  • Vareli Domain: Upscale Mediterranean/Continental “Modern American”. 
    • Classy interior and clientele. Expect suits and cocktail dresses, but don’t feel underdressed.
    • Excellent specials. Take the waiter’s recommendations.
    • Small back patio offers an ‘intimate’ dining experience.
  • Community Food & Juice: Fresh, environmentally conscious, locally-grown deliciousness.
    • Good service
    • Breakfast, lunch or dinner
    • Novel cocktails and drinks
  • PisticciBecause Italian is one thing MoHi does right
    • Another excellent Italian restaurant if Max SoHa is full. Takes reservations!
    • Pastas are notoriously scrumptious, but everything is good.
  • Massawa: Quality Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine
    • Big family-style dishes
    • Demonstrate your new-found appreciation for ~*culture*~
    • Not for the faint of heart

Have a favorite dish or another classy neighborhood joint to recommend? Wondering which is really the best Italian place in Morningside? Find and deliver enlightenment below!

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