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What happens if your parents tell the waiter at Community that it’s your birthday

So your parents are sticking around the city for an extra day, and you need a nice restaurant to take them to that isn’t too far out of the Morningside bubble; or perhaps you’ve met a cutie, and you want to seal the deal with a romantic date at a campus hot spot. Fear not, freshpeople, Bwog is here to help! We’ve compiled a shortlist of our favorite Morningside eats that will get you as close to a real New York City restaurant experience as you can get without going below 110th street.

  •  Max SoHaRustic Italian, largely homemade.
    • Very small, expect a wait. No reservations, cash only.
    • Nice outdoor seating.
    • Trying desperately to define the new neighborhood of SoHa: South of Harlem
  • Vareli Domain: Upscale Mediterranean/Continental “Modern American”. 
    • Classy interior and clientele. Expect suits and cocktail dresses, but don’t feel underdressed.
    • Excellent specials. Take the waiter’s recommendations.
    • Small back patio offers an ‘intimate’ dining experience.
  • Community Food & Juice: Fresh, environmentally conscious, locally-grown deliciousness.
    • Good service
    • Breakfast, lunch or dinner
    • Novel cocktails and drinks
  • PisticciBecause Italian is one thing MoHi does right
    • Another excellent Italian restaurant if Max SoHa is full. Takes reservations!
    • Pastas are notoriously scrumptious, but everything is good.
  • Massawa: Quality Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine
    • Big family-style dishes
    • Demonstrate your new-found appreciation for ~*culture*~
    • Not for the faint of heart

Have a favorite dish or another classy neighborhood joint to recommend? Wondering which is really the best Italian place in Morningside? Find and deliver enlightenment below!

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  • Ethiopian connoisseur says:

    @Ethiopian connoisseur Awash>>> Massawa

    1. Actual ethiopian says:

      @Actual ethiopian This is true.

  • also says:

    @also How are people getting it on the first day?!

  • furthermore says:

    @furthermore Some of us aren’t rich, bwog. But anyway Artopolis should also be in here. Artopolis isn’t for poors. But it’s still great.

  • Vareli fan says:

    @Vareli fan I think Domain will be specializing in “Modern American” cuisine. Vareli was Mediterranean though. (I hope they still have the steak. It’s excellent.)

  • Alum says:

    @Alum Craving Amir’s right now

  • Vareli fan says:

    @Vareli fan Can Bwog also give suggestions on the Halal carts nearby? I always wonder which one is the best. Thanks!

    1. ayyo says:

      @ayyo can’t go wrong with 115th and broadway, man

    2. CC15 says:

      @CC15 112th and bway outside duane reade

    3. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous Friend, first you must climb mountains. Like so many heroes in so many epics–Gilgamesh, Beowulf, Orpheus–you must embark on a journey that could very well stretch human ability to its breaking point. You must cross paths with a legion of cheerful and generally awesome Arabs. You must be served a thousand platters of chicken on rice. You must walk thousands of blocks, to reach even the most obscure carts, tucked away in the farthest reaches of Morningside Heights. The path will be arduous, yes, but in the heat of countless grills you will be forged from simply another passive consumer into a true hero. Your name will pass into the annals of legend, as you stand atop the world like a latter-day culinary Edmund Hillary and/or Tenzing Norgay. You will breathe the mountain air and the fumes of cheap meat in styrofoam containers. You will taste the exhiliration of the finest falafel. You will know what good halal is.

      And on that day of your finest, most noble glory, all the cooks in all the halal stands shall weep, for they have nothing left to teach you.

      1. Vareli fan says:

        @Vareli fan …or you can simply take the train downhill to 53 street and get the best one in town.

  • Wenyi says:

    @Wenyi The Chinese food cart on Broadway (Uncle Luoyang) is fantastic by Chinese standards. I highly recommend the barbecued lamb sticks (whatever that’s called) and the pork sandwich. I’m eating them right now and I haven’t had anything so authentic for months!

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