the nsop story

Boatload of soft drinks, boatload of fun

A Lit Hum class was had, SEAS was tested, placement exams happened, and eye contact continued to be made.  Oren’s was still giving free coffee, and Bwog once again scored a free dinner.  Isn’t NSOP the best?


  • OL, to student literally running out of Roone Arledge: Where are you going?
    Student: I have a placement exam!
  • Girl 1: I just feel like it’s a lot easier to have one good friend to, like, make other friends with.
    Girl 2: I just hope other people don’t think we don’t want to make other friends cuz we’re together all the time.
  • Boy in front of Butler: I studied for physics, but that’s the only class I studied for.
  • OL: Come over, I have so much ice cream left over from the social.  These freshmen don’t eat anything!!
  • Walking towards the dinner tent, Girl 1: Wait, are these all first years??
    Girl 2: Shhhhh.
  • Girl with friends: There are archetypes and if you already have a friend who fits one, you don’t need nobody else!
  • To NSOP group: I love Alexander Hamilton!  He’s so cool!

Campus is Confusing, Bro:

  • On Broadway: Is this Broadway or Amsterdam?
  • In front of Butler: Is this the Butler Library?
  • A question posed to Bwog: Where’s Low Plaza?
  • At 110th and Broadway, 10:30 last night: Whatever!  Let’s just go to Times Square!
  • Standing in front of the Earth Sciences Institute: I’m just waiting for the door to Hogan to open.

Places Bwog Got Yelled At For Putting Up Flyers:

  • Facade of Butler
  • Around campus-side entrance to Lerner
  • Alma Mater
  • Walls around Low Steps

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