Today’s intermittent thunderstorms drove most NSOPers and Bwog indoors to seek shelter, leading to a pretty damn quiet Wednesday on campus. Some overheards were had, and even formed some distinct themes, proving that after only a few days here, the class of 2017 is already learning how Columbians complain.

The lawns after Convocation: capturing the mood of the day

The lawns after Convocation: capturing the mood of the day 


The ever-entertaining Marching Band was spotted leading confused students about campus, stopping occasionally to play renditions of “Dynamite” and sing songs about drinking beer. Unfortunately, they didn’t break out any Barnard/athletics/Gaza Strip jokes. Until the next Orgo Night


People judging other people:

  • “I mean if that’s what you’re doing all night in Carman, that’s what you’re doing.”
  • “I just can’t go out every night. Like, my body will die.”
  • “They call it Crack Del because people sell crack outside the door.”
  • “But never have sex after [ecstasy], it’s never as good. And so I was talking to my dad, and…[rest of conversation missed]

Fuck you, Lerner:

  • [addressed to the Lerner security] “Hi, what’s the easiest way to get to the seventh floor?”
  • [entering Lerner] “Oh, I forgot the loveliness that is this building.”
  • Overseen: An OL on the ramps earnestly pointing around her and making general gestures of giving directions. First years standing next to her keep shaking their heads and nervously looking at each other. This exchange goes on for about five minutes.

General angsting:

  • “I feel like CUE people aren’t hanging out with each other!!!”
  • Girl discussing her advising session: “And she said ‘Yeah, everything you’re doing is fine,’ and I was like ‘Are you sure?!?'”
  • Upperclassman to freshman: “My advisor is really just there for moral support.”
  • ISOP leaders: “I just wanna be a freshman now!”

Overheards that could function as general metaphors for life at Columbia:

  • “So, how do you meet people here?”
  • “Can we just do a JJ’11 floor thing??” [mumbled conversation. A few seconds later:] “I LOVE Apples to Apples!!!”
  • “And then we just didn’t find out and were like what the fuck”

And finally, a submitted question during an RCA facilitation meeting. We feel you, Anonymous, we feel you.

Life questions

Life questions