ya dum dums

From 1020

As Bwog reported nearly a week ago, 1020 has raised its prices by a staggering 100 percents. Yes, that means no more $2 Yuenglings and Rolling Rocks.  Between this and the new bathroom changes, it’s almost like 1020 is becoming a legitimate bar for grown-up human beings, and not just for thousands of college seniors flaunting their privilege and complaining about the glory days when there was no line.

Bwog took a minute out of our midday intoxication to talk to Tim about why this change needed to happen:

“Look, I don’t have much time. Things are starting to get busy here. We still have the best prices in New York City. It’s only a dollar more. Cost of rent goes up you know, and we just can’t survive on $2 beer. But I don’t see why that’s any business of anyone at the Daily Spectator.”

Bwog was confused, but humored. After finishing our drink we continued on our way. Now thoroughly drunk, it was time to start that problem set!